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My humble outdoor gym and todays kettlebell class workout

I'm thanking San Diego everyday for the beautiful weather it has. This city has allowed me to have such a wonderful outside gym. It was a bit over cast this morning which was nice because it cooled things down to about 72 degrees. I know that is nice and cool compared to most of the country right now in August! Here are some pics of where most of my training and teaching happens. Todays workout is below. We had some high intensity music going to keep the energy up!

Warm Up

Joint Mobility exercises in Neck, Hips, Shoulders, and Knees
Light Swings 10x
Body Weight Squats 10x
Figure 8's 60 seconds


Sequence 1

Sumo Squats 12x
Fisted Push ups 10x
One Arm Swings 10x each side
Alternating Swings 10x
2 Handed Swings 10x

Rest 1 minute after last exercise and repeat 3 times

Sequence 2

Renegade Rows 5x alternating each side
Single Squat and Press 6x per side
High Pulls and Snatches 10x per side

Rest 2 minutes and repeat 3 times

Sequence 3- this one was a circuit 30 seconds on 30 seconds off

Jump Rope
Box Jumps
Swings, Squats
Over the top on Bosu
TGU Sit Ups

Phew! Total workout was 50 minutes. Then stretched!

It was a challenging Saturday workout class, but fun as always. I even took most of the class.


Anonymous said…
Now you just need to hang a pair of rings and a rope!
Lauren Brooks said…
I would love to get a rope. I also need to set something up to where we can do pull ups. I was using a towel around the rafters but I want more of a bar!
Kettlebell Lady said…
That's a nice collection of bells you got!
Lyla's pics are uber cute!
Lauren Brooks said…
Kettlebell Lady,

Thanks. I have more in the garage. It took several years to get the collection going. I still need more, but they are very pricey! Very slow process.
Unknown said…
Tyler Haas makes some great rings - work well for pull-ups, dips, rows, push-ups - all kinds of exercises. Super portable, adjustable, etc.
Lauren Brooks said…
Thanks Greg! I've never used rings before. I just might have to order them. I'm sure they are awesome, but difficult at the same time. Always looking for more ways to torcher, I mean challenge, my clients.
Unknown said…
Well, as John Wayne said, a gym without rings is like a day without sunshine... or something along those lines.
Franz Snideman said…
Very cool Lauren! Your outdoor gym rocks!
Lauren Brooks said…
Thanks Franz and Greg! My rings should be here any day now. I am sooo excited to use them. WOooo hoooo!
Anonymous said…
Yeah, your gym totally rocks! Simple and sinister...just like kettlebells! Mine is not much different...boxes, rings, mats, bells... what more do you really need? I'm wanting to check out the batteling ropes, though. They seem like fun toture! Mike and I have picked up a few boulders around the valley... Odd lifting objects, they're a nice challenge, too.

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