My 25 minute workout today and 10 minute WO from last night

Sqeezing in a quick workout. WIll try and do another one this evening before I train some clients.

Warm Up

30 seconds on 30 seconds off 3 times

Up and Over on Bosu Ball
Box Shuffles


Step Ups on 24 inch box holding 2 8kg's 10 L & R
Double Snatches 2 8kgs 10
Back Lunges 2 8kg's 10 L & R
Double Snatches 2 8 kg's 10
Repeated whole thing 4 times

My heart rate was up there. I tried to keep the rests under 30 seconds.
This morning weight is 110 pounds!

Last night one of my clients was 10 minutes late so this is what I decided to try and do. I need to do this more often because I was surprised I was able to do this at all!

Pull-ups 2 reps (woo hoo)
Pistols 2 reps on each leg (stoked)
Push-ups on KB's with one leg 6 reps on each leg

Repeated 3 times


Anonymous said...

YAY! for pull-ups and pistols! They're what I was talking about when I said (in an older blog) that my training is not very exciting. :p Those and deadlifts are ALWAYS apart of the program :)

Lauren said...


In my little world that is very exciting. To most of my clients I'm sure it would get old very fast. But when those reps start getting higher or the weight goes up, that is all I need to keep it fun! I agree, YAY for pull-ups and pistols!!!