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Getting back on Track and new goals

We may finally have some answers with Ben. The doctor is now pointing the finger to Ulcerative Colitis. The only thing is the pain does not match up to this type of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, so there could be something more to it. The doctor even agrees, but said it's possible in some rare cases. For now he is off the pain meds and taking special anti-inflammatory medications for Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's. So we will just wait and see how that does. I am just happy that we are starting to get some answers. Still don't feel 100% satisfied, so time will only tell.

Now that things are going to be somewhat more stable, I can get back on track with my own training.
Yesterday I had a 15 minute time frame to do some training. So this is what I did.

Windmills 26lb 4 on each side
Single Leg Dead Lifts 2 26lb 8 on each side

It felt really good to do these. Almost like my body was craving these two exercises. I feel so much more balanced today.

Weighed in at 113 this morning. My new goal is to be able to do pistols again. I will give myself 3 weeks to get to this goal of at least one on each side holding an 8kg. I'll keep you posted!


Joe Sarti said…
Hey Lauren

This is an interesting book on a man who had Crohns disease Jordan Rubin, Patients Heal Thyself. and he also wrote the makers diet (talk with Franz and Yoana about this diet).

Something to consider for Ben.

All the best
Franz Snideman said…
Nice Lauren! Sounds like at least there is some assessment of Ben's condition and a direction for specific treatment.

Well, at least you training again!

And Lauren, that book the MAKERS DIET is fantastic. I have it and have incorporated alot of the principles into our own book and Revolution Fat Loss Program.

Let's talk about it for sure!
Lauren Brooks said…
Hey Joe and Franz,

I will definitely be checking out this book on the Makers Diet. It's still not definite that he has Crohn's but I don't think it would hurt to read this and use these principles to heal Ben. He just had an attack again last night, so the medication doesn't seem to be working. I'm all about the diet approach.

I'll have to email you Franz to discuss this further!

Thanks again guys.



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