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Sharing an activity with your spouse

It's been 2 and a 1/2 months now since I have had my baby. Now that I am feeling myself again I felt the need to share an activity with my husband other than watching tv, eating, and taking care of our baby. We took walks together with the stroller, but that got old pretty fast. Since my husband prefers sports I had to think of something we can do together. I don't think he would have much fun if we played basketball together, since he is really good. So I have convinced my husband to start playing tennis with me. Neither of us are very good, but it's something that the two of us can share together. And when we travel it's something you can do all over the world.

I don't know how many times I hear complaints from different people that they don't do any activities with their spouse or significant other, except eat and watch tv. I feel every relationship should try and share something together that they can do outside. Since my husband and I have such different interests when it comes to activities, we have finally found something we can do together.

I can't tell you how perfect is has been to start this. Our neighborhood has a tennis court walking distance from us. We are able to stroll Lyla over to the tennis court. She either sleeps in her stroller or stares at her little toys hanging from the top. When she starts getting fussy we know it's time to end the game. Tennis has now taken the place of my cardio. I have never been one to enjoy being on a machine at a gym, when you can be outside playing a game. I feel I get just as good of a workout and having fun too!

So for those who hate cardio, I recommend finding something you love to do that happens to be active. You wont even realize that you are working out!


Brandon said…
Awesome Lauren... finding activities to do with your significant other is crucial, and learning together is great!
Fallen Angel said…
I want your abs.

You look great even for not having a baby.
Lauren Brooks said…
Thank you so much! That means so much to me.

Christine said…
Good advice, and ADORABLE baby!
magawisca said…
Hello Lauren,

Firstly let me say that you look totally amazing for a woman who had a C-section recently. (I had one and it was really really tough.) I came upon one of your articles on and I have been using your sample diet and workouts w/ the KB as a template for my weight loss program. It has been amazing. For the first three weeks I followed your program precisely but more recently I have begun to step out of the box a bit. So basically I just wanted to thank you for sharing your expertise and I wish you good luck in your new role of mother.
Tracy Reifkind said…
Damn woman, you look awesome! Just more motivation for me to get my "tummy tuck"!
Royce said…
Me and my wife ( fallenangel ) have recently started KBing together. You are totally right, it is such a great thing to be active together.
Beautiful child BTW.
Lauren Brooks said…
Thank you all so much!

Tracy, what do you mean by "tummy tuck"? You look wonderful!

Royce, that is great that you and your wife enjoy kbing together. I tried doing that with my husband, but it just wasn't fun enough for him. Too much work and not enough play! I guess not everyone is crazy enough to enjoy it like us.
Royce said…
It does take a certain mentality to mess with those heartless iron orbs of pain.
Tracy Reifkind said…
Let's see,

#1 I used to weigh 250 lbs!
#2 I've had 2 kids
#3 Bad genetics
#4 I'm 43

My bikini days have been over since I had my first baby at 18!

Maybe if I would've dicovered KB's 20 years sooner I would look as good as you! All I can say is thank God we walk around clothed.
Royce said…
I just read your post about snowboarding. You said something to the effect that it's hard to be away from your little one for more than a couple of hours.

Uhhmmm.....that never chnages. I will be totally fed up with the kids and go out when my wife gets home ( I'm a stay at home dad ). I can't even sit through a movie before the missing them becomes unbearable. LOL
Bob O. said…
Looking like all is good! Glad you guys have found something to do together and have the baby there as well.
Anonymous said…
Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. It is always great pleasure to read your posts.

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