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Should personal trainers have trainers??


No matter how great of a trainer you are you can always learn from having a trainer yourself. If you are in the training business, you will know it is hard to find the time and motivation to train yourself after training people all day long. Even if you just get 2 or 3 sessions here and there from a respectable trainer it will drive your motivation back up and help you revamp your own training.

After I had my baby I luckily was able to lose all my weight by 6 weeks with plain old nutrition. After I got the clearance to start working out at 6 weeks I slowly started working out again. It was very humbling going in to a gym and lifting 50% of what I use to lift. My goal was to put some muscle back on and get my strength back. I managed to gain a little strength back but I wanted something more. It was hard to juggle my time with my daughter and working again. I needed an appointment with someone and did not want to think for once. So after some thought I decided to get a trainer for myself. I wish it could be permanent, but 10 sessions is all we can afford for the time being. I contacted my friends Franz and Yoana at Revolution. Luckily Yoana was able to take me in for some sessions. It is very hard to find good trainers that think outside the box and train with kettlebells. So the half hour drive each way is well worth it for me. I am really enjoying the several sessions we have had.

The point of this post is you can never learn enough. No matter how great of a trainer you are or kettlebell instructor, you can always learn a thing or two from somebody else. There are some trainers I know (I won't mention who) that have quite an ego and would NEVER consider hiring a trainer for themselves. One of them came up to me and asked me, You have a trainer?? Why?" I tried to answer him but he didn't quite understand. I find those individuals very close minded and have ego's a little too big for themselves. A good intructor to me, is someone who is always thinking outside the box and open to new types of training techniques. I think all trainers should have the opportunity to have a trainer!


Brandon said…
I like your post lauren. I completely agree with you that trainers can have trainers. In fact, I'm currently being trained by a 17 year old who's not even a trainer.
Anonymous said…
Hi Lauren! fellow female kettlebeller!:)

I really enjoy reading your blog, especially since you've had your beautiful little girl. I'm totally taking tips for when we decide to have children!

I was just thinking about this topic a few days ago! Luckily, my husband does an awesome job at getting me on track when I get off on a tangent. You HAVE to continually think outside the box and not get pigeon-holed in this ever-changing fitness world.

You're doing an awesome job and look amazing!

all the best!
Lauren Brooks said…
Hi Sara,

Thank you so much! Just checked out your blog. Pretty awesome blog yourself. I will definitely have to visit you when I go to Vegas.

Sounds like you and your husband really have a great support system.

Best to you as well!
Tracy Reifkind said…
Lauren, I think it can be important to have someone else's fresh program ideas, after all isn't that why we are all on the internet, looking for ways to improve our training???

The only difference with working personally with a trainer is the energy you get working one on one or in a class (and we all take classes don't we??) It is the same when we attend seminars and workshops. Continuing education breeds motivation, and we all need that.
Lauren Brooks said…

I agree with you 100%. Going to workshops, learning new strategies, or working with an individual with different experiences is constant motivation to me. We all need a pick me up every now and then with what we do in life.

I agree with you!

It is very motivating to watch you train and the level of intensity and focus you bring to the session is amazing!

We all (trainers) are constantly learning from each other.
Joe Sarti said…
Awesome, I could not agree more. Every monday I go to school at the Rifstonian Institute for continuing education and a great workout.

Plus, blogs like yours and the people you have listed, etc offer a great place for us and our clients to learn.

Nice post on the aspects of being a mother. Congrats and beautiful child

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