Working Out with Friends

This morning I decided to invite a couple friends over to do a little workout in my backyard. Some of them have been asking me to show them how to do kettlebells so I though this would be fun. It was 6 of us total and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I had some good music going and the sun came out for a little while. Since I was lacking equipment I put together a circuit for 6 and everyone was winded by the end. Most of the group was new to kettlebells so I kept it as simple as possible

Warmed up with Good Mornings and Light Swings

1 minute on 1 minute off 3 sets in this order

Kettlebell Tricep Push-ups
Medicine Ball Twists
No handed TGU's
Clean and Squat
Skateboard Back Lunges (Yoana Snideman taught me these) They are AMAZING!!



Megan said...

What is a skateboard back lunge?

Lauren said...

It's when you put your back foot on the skateboard and slowly glide it back. Then you bring it back using only your front leg to do the work. It smokes the glutes and hamstrings. Like a one legged squat that lets you rest your back leg on something.

Franz Snideman said...

Nice. I love the workout!

Royce said...

That skateboard lunge sounds brutal!
Cool workout.