The Kettlebell Pregnancy Iversion (iPhone, iPad, iPod), DVD, and Pregnancy Guide

Today I am launching together two products that people from around the world have been asking for.  With one click of a button you will be able to have both of these great products at your finger tips!!  First one is the iversion/ downloadable of "Baby Bells" The Fit Pregnancy DVD. The second exciting product is a Kettlebell Pregnancy Guide, written by Kettlebell Instructor and Master Z-Health, Sara Cheatham. This comprehensive guide has been out for over a year. It took us awhile to coordinate this launching combination, but nevertheless, here it is!! It's the only kettlebell pregnancy ebook of it's kind.  Read my review about it below.

BABY BELLS - The Fit Pregnancy DVD. Iversion now Ready!! This iversion can be downloaded to any mobile device, ipad, iphone, ipod touch, and ipod. 

"I've been doing kettlebell workouts regularly for more than two years (my 68-year-old dad got me into kettlebells--he uses them every day & swears they're responsible for his excellent health), and I have been using your Baby Bells DVD about three times a week ever since I got pregnant. (Thank you so much for making this DVD--you're the only source I've been able to find for substantive information on using kettlebells during pregnancy.

Since a lot of pregnancy exercise videos are non-strenuous to the point of silliness, I didn't expect Baby Bells to be that challenging, and was pleasantly surprised at what a satisfying workout it gave me. I continue to do it about three to four days a week, along with prenatal yoga and daily long dog walks. 28 weeks into my pregnancy, my husband is still saying I've never looked more fit, particularly in my legs--and I have an abundance of strength and energy. I've only gained about 16 pounds so far, and haven't changed dress sizes at all apart from the belly. I know that without kettlebells and your DVD, I would not feel nearly this good or be this healthy during pregnancy.
Thank you again for the unique and wonderful work you're doing --
your DVD has really made a huge difference for my pregnancy and I am so grateful to have found it! I hope it will make a difference for many other women too!"


and now for the PERFECT compliment to this DVD.

Strength by Sara: Kettlebell Pregnancy Guide (Ebook)

I read Sara's book front to back and here are my honest thoughts. 

"Sara missed NOTHING with her comprehensive kettlebell guide for pregnant ladies who enjoy kettlebells!  This is the ONLY book of it's kind that gives you over 100 workouts, that's right OVER 100 workouts that take you through each week of pregnancy.  This book is truly NO FLUFF!  She will not bore you with information to just fill up pages or tell you info you can find in any pregnancy book.  These workouts were carefully designed for the pregnant woman already familiar with kettlebells and not just on her own experiences. This book takes all the thinking out of the equation. Sara diligiently followed all the rules in addition to her own research, in regards to pressurization, stability, change in balance, hormone production, fatigue, and took each and every stage in to consideration with designing each program.  This book also includes photos and explanations in case you are not familiar with or need extra instruction on each exercise.  This manual is truly one of a kind in a way that it will take you from the beginning of your pregnancy to end with a complete game plan.  This is a gold mine that every single woman who uses kettlebells should own, pregnant or not.  If you are professional working with female clients who plan to become pregnant this manual will help design programs for each week.  Sara is practically giving this information away for such a low price, it would be silly not to spend this amount to add this to your aresenal.  Most comprehensive manuals with this type of detail would cost 5 times the price.  As a woman who also specializes in working with fit pregnant women I know first hand the mistakes other trainers make with program design and recommendations.  Whether it be unsafe or just plain useless, this book falls under the category of, I couldn't have done it better myself!  This book is by far the best pregnant kettlebell workout guide I have ever gotten my hands on!"

                                       What you will find in Kettlebell 



This reference guide and workbook is for women who are committed to sustaining optimal health, well-being, strength and stamina during their pregnancy. This program will guide you from the beginning of your pregnancy until your baby arrives.

Progressive workouts lead you through your first and second trimester. Then, as you near the third trimester and finish your pregnancy, the workouts taper down accordingly.
Sara has experience training clients through and after their first, second, third and even fourth pregnancies. She also experienced the changes and adaptations for herself.
This 143 page no-fluff guide is a compilation of 102 workouts she has designed for an array of pregnant women as well as for herself. This means the detailed sessions outlined in this book are tried and safe for you and your baby from conception to delivery!
Because mobility and awareness of mobility changes are so important during pregnancy development, specifically selected joint mobility is preceded, incorporated into, and wraps-up each workout!

You'll also find: 

A detailed list of Precautions -- 

Extensive explanation of what to expect and how to prepare for the changes unique to each trimester -- 

Description of how to use the manual and how the workouts are presented -

-A Pre-Assessment Guide  -

-Note segments on each page to journal your progress 

-Over 70 pictures with drill descriptions -

- And even a suggested reading list to guide you through other areas of your pregnancy


 Get Baby Bells IVERSION AND Kettlebell Pregnancy Ebook
together Here for ONLY $29.99

JUST the Baby Bells IVERSION HERE for only $16.95




Lauren said...

I recently found out I'm pregnant with my third baby and would love to do kettlebells throughout this pregnancy (I have your first kbells dvd but not baby bells). So thanks for this post! My question is, when I order the Baby Bells DVD, can I get Sara's book in a hard copy and NOT an iVersion?

Lauren said...

Lauren, Congratulations!!! Sara's book is only available in ebook fashion at the moment. However you could print out parts of that work for you if you choose. It goes in complete order for your pregnancy. I believe it will be available as a hard copy at some point. Just not sure yet! Congrats again!

monifah said...

Hej Lauren, can i also just buy the ebook as i already have the dvd..

Lauren said...

Monifa, Just email and he will take care of you with the ebook alone.

Kelli said...

I would like to be kept posted on the private membership group. Is this a downloadable or online group?

Lauren said...

Kelli, this will be an online group. Will keep you posted!