Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Over 5 Inches Lost in Waist in 4 Weeks After Trying Everything!

 Here is a letter I just received a few days ago that I would  like to share. Another new mom reaches out and shares  with me her experience with finally finding a workout that not only gives her the results that she wants, but also makes her look forward to it.  Everyone has to realize that there are many paths to get to one's fitness and health goals. However, to stay motivated and actually enjoy that path is what's most important. If you are bored to tears and  dread the activity that you have chosen you really need to figure out a more exciting and enjoyable avenue for yourself. Otherwise you will not be consistent and you will definitely not be able to stick with it long enough to see lasting results.    Getting to your goals should be  a fun and lasting experience that continues for a lifetime.

 I am sure many of you have been through the same thing that Patty has been through and can relate with her.

Hi Lauren,

I have been struggling with finding a workout that fits me for a very long time. Running, yoga, weight training, jumping rope... I've tried so many things. Endless cardio bores me, I love weight training but never felt like I was effectively doing it and it didn't help me lose weight, just get bulky. And I have always had an aversion to workout videos -- lame! I have a naturally muscularly dense body and I know I am naturally strong.

I had my daughter 8 months ago and while pregnant so many women told me that they had never been as skinny as when they were breast feeding so I thought the baby weight would melt away. I was so wrong. I gained 55 pounds when I was pregnant and 6 months after having my baby I had still only lost 20 of those pounds. And the same 10 kept coming and going as my body would adjust to my running routine to store fat for the baby's food. I even tried jumping rope while the baby was napping, and I actually stress fractured BOTH of my knees from it and was on crutches. Can you imagine??? I was truly desperate.

After reading in a few different articles/books about kettlebells being the perfect workout, I started looking for some instructional videos and of course found you. In 4 weeks I have lost 5+ inches from my waist and I haven't felt this good in years. I LOVE your workout and I love kettlebells. It is the perfect workout for me. I have so much fun doing it, I can't wait for the baby to take her morning nap so I can get to work! I have never done a workout that didn't feel like a chore before this.

My husband noted my accomplishments so far and said to me, "It's like you're finally starting to realize that you are beautiful." Now he wants to start, after seeing my results. That is truly what it means to lead my example. So thank you for making this video and not only allowing me to enjoy getting in shape again but also to inspire my husband to do the same. (He gained some baby weight too while I was pregnant...)

Thank you again!

Kindest Regards,
Patty M.
from South Salem, NY


Anonymous said...

What video did you purchase that you loved?

Eve said...

I was so excited about kettlebell but after only 3 workouts with the lightest weight possible (5 lbs), my knee started to hurt and has hurt ever since :(. I'm in physical therapy trying to heal it. I guess I hyperextend my knee.

Curious how she was able to do kettlebell after a double knee injury!

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I retwit it on my Twiiter
Bob Peters, CA

stayathomerunner.com said...

I've been doing Lauren's vol. 1 DVD for the past 2 months ... and I've definitely lost at least an inch, if not more. I only wish I lived in San Diego so I could take a class with Lauren :-)

I even gave a shout-out on my blog today ...