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Kettlebell Get Up Workshop - Live with Lauren Brooks

Did you know the Turkish Get Up is well known for building powerful and resilient shoulders? However, there is so SO MUCH more to the Get Up than just amazing shoulders. The Get Up strengthens and connects the entire body from head to toe. 

This exercise will magically transfer over to get you stronger in everything you do, including push-ups, presses, snatches, pull ups, lunges, most sports, and life. 


The Get Up will Strengthen, Connect, and Improve

Your entire Core & Abs

Hip Mobility

Lat Strength and connection


Entire Legs and Butt

Ankles and Feet

Grip and Wrist Strength

Proprioception enhancement

(Which basically means that you will heighten your body awareness throughout the entire movement.)

The Get Up will help you turn back the clock in your aging process. One of the ways that separates us from a healthy or unhealthy individual, feeling old versus young, is being able to get up off the floor safely. Having a resilient and anti-fragile body.

The Get Up whether you start just with your body weight or a super light weight all the way up to a heavier load, is just a fantastic full body exercise. 

This workshop will not only cover step by step the proper way to do a Get Up. We will go over ways to create tension to turn on various muscles of the body to make it much easier, which will make your bells eventually feel lighter. 

I will cover personalized head positions, breathing patterns, modifications for those not ready to do a full get up. 

I will also be taking live questions throughout our 90 minutes together and offering feedback on the spot. 

If you're ready to take your Get Up to the next level, want to learn it properly, or simply improve tremendously you don't want to miss this 90 minute workshop!

                                            EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION HERE

When: April 17th 10:30a.m PST/1:30 EST 

Duration: 90 minutes

Regular Price: $67 non members /  $47 playground/premium members

EARLY BIRD PRICE: $49 non members /  $29 playground/premium members


PLAYGROUND MEMBERS - Email me or Message for member code.

This will take place via zoom and in person. Spots are limited on both zoom and in person.

EARLY BIRD PRICE IS NOW AVAILABLE - price will go up soon! First come first serve for the in person part. Please specify if you sign up for in person.

See you there!


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