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Messy Week and Give Away Time!

You guys, I know 2020 has been a rough year for everyone.  I had a bit of a messy week and I am trying to decide if I can blame it on 2020. If my messy week would have happened in a different year, would I have just rolled through it and moved on without a glitch? Let me tell you about my week and you decide. 

First my week started with the flooding of my neighbors yard.  Oh you might be thinking "Lauren, that's not YOUR problem, that is their problem." Well, unfortunately, the flooding of their backyard was due to a broken pipe in MY backyard. Have you ever had a backyard or pipe leak?  It's definitely a messy problem all around. We had to turn off all of the water, dig up my backyard to find the problem and well "wish" the neighbors a happy halloween 2020 by flooding their yard. So not only was my week literally going down the drain with my backyard water, but then I had to have unexpected wisdom tooth surgery due to an infection! I decided to go through the surgery alert and awake which was interesting in itself. It went as best as it can be, but it left me a gnarly chipmunk cheek! If you see me trying not to talk too much on our live workouts, it's because I'm trying not to reopen my wound and scare you all. 

 I guess at the end of the day (or week) is that we are all human and we all have bad days. I just combat my bad days or weeks with what makes me feel good. That is typically getting my exercise on, except of course when I needed to rest after my surgery. Rest is very important so don’t give it up, but if you’re having a bad week (or flooding your neighbors yard) remember you can get a little stress relief by doing one of my workouts online. 

Which brings me to a couple of announcements.  

For those of you who are members of Lauren's Playground, there will be a new program called Tabata Intensified in the Playground. In fact I'm dropping it in NOW!  This new program, 3 program options by the way, can be INTENSE.  Tabata is about pushing yourself hard for 20 seconds and then taking a 10 second rest before doing the next exercise.  It's a fat burning, body sculpting program you will love! In addition to Tabata Intensified, the Workouts of the Week, are up every Sunday, for those members who like an organized delivery of workouts chosen for them from all over the Playground!  

Now, let's talk about the exciting GIVEAWAY! You all know that I love my morning cup of coffee and now I’ve added RYZE mushroom coffee to my morning. It’s been the perfect healthy pick-me-up after the week I had. RYZE mushroom coffee is 100% organic, natural, it tastes great and it has half the caffeine of regular coffee which works great for me.  (Quick video of me discussing it here)

Regular coffee can give me the jitters but RYZE coffee gives me the pep I need while supporting my immune system during this crazy year! It has also helped my digestive system. I hardly get bloated anymore. I make mine by adding a bit of oat milk creamer and it creates a smooth and delicious drink. Because I love it so much, RYZE has offered a free bag of coffee to a couple of my students both near and far.  All you have to do to win a bag of delicious RYZE mushroom keto coffee is to follow me on Instagram (here) or/and Facebook (here) and 1) leave a comment on the giveaway posts on what you're grateful for and tag a person that you would love to have coffee with! 

Happy Halloween to you all!

Stay safe out there! 



p.s. If you're eager to try a bag of RYZE Mushroom Coffee asap, take $6 off with my discount link here


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