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The Secret From Ordinary To Extraordinary

Before I begin my training session, which will entail practicing Get Ups, Single Leg Deadlifts, Pull-ups and Kickstand Lunges, I wanted to send you a quick note.
Your mind is so much more powerful than you could ever imagine. Did you know that if you're stressed out or constantly worrying about something it can directly effect how you digest food? Then if you're not digesting food well, you could end up getting headaches, migraines, bloating and even lose sleep.
Our minds are so powerful that if we are constantly telling ourselves that something is too hard or "I'll never be strong since I've always had super weak arms" then you will continue with weak arms. You're probably thinking yeah Lauren, what's your point?
Not everyone who's showing off their circus tricks online are born athletes or had the privilege of having dedicated parents cart them over to gymnastics starting from birth. My parents were divorced when I was 2 and they both worked full time. I was taken in a school bus after school to a day care every single day. So outside extra-curricular luxurious extras, was not something I was ever accustomed to.
Some of the strength or flexibility you may be in awe of from someone may be someone who just really wanted it! Who made the choice to PRACTICE and PRIORITIZE. Typical programs just focused on weight loss doesn't get you better at a skill. Skill training can actually provide muscle strength and weight loss as a byproduct!
When I was a kid I couldn't do a pull up to save my life. In fact I was weak and scrawny. It really did a number on my confidence. I couldn't stand that I was weak. In fact I got ANGRY about it. So I decided one day, that's it! I'm going to get effing strong! So I did everything in my power to learn the best way to strength! It took years of strength practice to achieve the strength I have now. I'm no different than you! In fact you were probably way more athletic than I was when I was super young. ;)
Want to know the secret from being ordinary to extraordinary?
MAKE IT A PRIORITY! Hyper-focus on just ONE goal at a time! Understand that there will be monotony. Understand you'll be practicing the same SKILL over and over again. You'll have to understand that it won't happen over night and killing yourself in a "practice" session won't make it come any sooner. You'll need to understand that there won't be much entertainment and cheerleaders. Get clear and focus on the fact that you'll become extraordinary if you commit!
When I was first introduced to Turkish Get Ups I was quickly humbled. I could barely even do a Get up with an 8 pound dumbbell. My ego wanted to just curse at the exercise and say it was stupid. However, I decided to practice the patterns. Understand what creates a STRONG pathway. Get familiar with the most efficient way to get up and get down.
I was told that if you're small there is no way to use heavy weight. Fast forward some years later, weighing 116lbs,I had a personal record using a 62lb kettlebell over my head.
This wasn't because I was a super human. I didn't take any special pills or drugs to be able to perform a really heavy Get Up for my size.. The secret was I made a commitment and was consistent! I never felt sore or burned out. I listened to my body.
I practiced the movement pattern well, worked on mobility and complimentary exercises that would enhance the chances of going from a weak Get up to a very strong Get Up.
I tell you this for one reason only! That if I can do it, so can you! Check out my free tutorials I created for Get Ups. SO you can also become strong in the exercise that literally will make you stronger in all areas of life! Part 1 Tutorial can be accessed here
I'm currently in the process of designing the Ultimate Get Up Guide to achieve the Strongest and Raddest Get Up ever!
If you're a playground member you will have access to this gem for no extra charge! Yes - being a playground member will literally take you FAR! Give you smart tools and skills. Give you programs that are realistic! You will be surrounded with positive powerful minds who have the same struggles as you! You will feel supported and have a buddy system for accountability. You really can't lose!



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