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Looking Back - Unleashing Your Purpose

This morning I sat in silence reflecting on the entire year of 2016. Looking back this may have been the biggest year of accomplishments and events I've ever had, other than giving birth to my babies. I wasn't aware of this until now. For a moment I thought 2016 wasn't such a great year. However, this doesn't seem to be the case.
I have so much gratitude right now I can't even express it properly. I've now seen what I'm capable of and I'm proud of 2016 and the help I've offered to so many! 
This was also a year of many deep emotions and tears more than most years. 
Here is a list of accomplishments and events that ran through my mind. The coolest part, none of it has to do with my weight, measurements, or physique. 

2016 Accomplishments and Big Events 

- Filmed and released Kettlebell Incinerator video and DVD.
- After 6-7 years of discussing, dissecting and over complicating, Lauren's Playground on demand classes and community was BORN with hours and hours of new content each month!
- Hosted 7 free fitness challenges which were a huge hit! Which we will be doing again starting today with #21daysofsquats
- Released an ebook video guide The Simple Pull Up Guide For Women to show all women that they can accomplish a pull up in an easy to follow format. 
- Continue to write articles for my blog, various fitness sites such as along with designing workouts for Men's Fitness magazine
- Featured in PFP Magazine PFP magazine
- Pushed myself out of my comfort zone and took up adult hip hop dance for several months.
- Filmed 2 more DVDs "Sexy Strong™" & "Luscious & Lean™" which will be released in a few months. 
- Braided my entire head. Something I wanted to do for years but wasn't brave enough to just go for it!
- Created WINNER CIRCLE - a private coaching group that focuses on each individuals goals, lifestyle, training, nutrition support, while setting up accountability check ins with live coaching calls. Launching Winner Circle 3 January 16, 2017! 
- Lost my grandfather to a heart attack and my 15 month old puppy to cancer. 
- Rock Solid Kettlebell 6 Week program ebook and video guide was released.
- My blended family of 4 kids took their relationship with one another to the next level.   They truly love one another and want to be together!
- My husband Todd by my side every step of the way.

May 2017 bring you love, joy, individuality, and bring your purpose to fruition. Love you all Happy New Year my friends! You can do this! It's time to go for it. Stop holding yourself back!


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