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3 Easy Ways to Stick To Your Goals

I wanted to quickly share with you some very important tips on how to actually stick to your goals. I've been able to take the most unmotivated lazy person that has never been able stick to anything in their entire life and turn them in to success stories. It really is very simple. Here is a typical quote that gets sent to me quite often.
"Lauren, I've never looked forward to actually working out before. This is the first time in my entire life I can actually say I love working out. I've tried so many different things. It's a miracle."
This makes up most of my clientele both in person and around the world.
Forcing someone to be motivated isn't the answer to getting people to stick to their goals. The answer is very simple. 

3 Easy Ways

1. Create the smallest most simple goal that is just too easy not to do. -  This can be something as simple as Swing a kettlebell 10 or 20 times each day. Do them every day and the gratification of feeling better will come immediately. You will feel successful since you hit your goal. This is one of the reasons why the Squat Challenge I host is so successful. It can take 1 - 5 minutes at the most to complete this challenge each day. This may be all they do for the day. However, people begin to feel stronger, more confident and surprisingly more motivated to begin to add other things voluntarily. They make the choice on their own to add something to their training goal. The confidence sets in and the winner mentality takes over quickly. 

2. Share your goal out loud with the world. - Your pride of being a man or woman of your word will be more powerful than showing the world you can't follow through with something. Sharing how you're hitting your goals, maybe even taking a video, photo, or just documenting your progress publicly will light that fire under your butt! We all need a fire lit at times. You will also find that by sharing this with others YOU will turn in to an inspiration to others. Nothing better than helping others increase the quality of life.

3. Don't over commit yourself. -   Some people tend to rebel when they're told what to do or decide to follow a program that is unreachable. Espeically if that task feels so monstrous they can barely get through it feeling like a failure and just plain miserable. I don't know about you, but even the most motivated person would have very hard time returning to a task that is unattainable. Who wants to leave feeling like a complete failure? Not many people can push theirselves through horrible pain and misery.  I'm not telling you to run as soon as something gets difficult. Pushing through a challenge and being able to complete it with hard work and sweat is different than actually not being able to do something safe on your body.

There you have it. Your checklist to success! One of the simplest programs I've created, other than the fitness challenges, is Rock Solid Kettlebell Program. It's not impossible to complete. It's simple, attainable and down right effective.  This is also why Lauren's Playground has been successful for people. With access to Lauren's Playground private group, it creates accountability among one another. BTW, a new Live (pre-recorded) class was just added yesterday. Member log in here

Here's an email I received yesterday from a member of Lauren's Playgound:

I just wanted to tell you thank you for adding another live class! I am about to do it now. I absolutely loved the first one. I love, love, love the Playground. I was able to take it with me on vacation last week, get a workout in each day during the holidays, and I am never bored. I wasn’t certain I’d love the Rock Solid program, but I was wrong, it may be one of my favorites. 
I have always loved your DVD’s (and own most of them, as well as your book and BeSLAM), but the Playground takes it all to the next level. I literally sit down and watch the videos as soon as you post them and then I determine my workouts for the entire week :). I have canceled all other workout programs (I had subscribed to DailyBurn and Beachbody, but never found anything I love like your videos and instruction). I’ve done Crossfit, bodybuilding, and spent a couple years as a BodyPump instructor and I’ve given it all up for kettle bells (mostly…I still love my barbell!). I look forward to every single workout. Thank you!!  
Abby Jamison


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