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The Importance of Accountability

Accountability is an absolute game changer. With no accountability you can have the best intention on the planet to improve your health/lifestyle, but if you can't follow through, your intentions mean nothing. Your intentions become a pipe dream.

Studies show in real life people are more likely to succeed when they are held accountable. There are people out there that are naturally self motivated and have enough accoutantiblity within themsleves. If you're in the rare breed of being so driven that nothing comes between you and your training or healthy nutrition, more power to you! This isn't the case for most people!

You can have all of the tools in your tool box. Understand the exact path of how to create the perfect nutrition and training lifestyle. You can even have it all at your finger tips. But if you just can't find a reason to commit or have the drive inside, then it sounds like you need an extra push, a bit of a kick in the ole' arse, with motivation and accountability. 😉

How does it work? First off you need to put something valuable on the line. Time, effort, your word and money are all good ways to ensure more success with a commitment. You also need to feel as if you will lose something if you don't follow through.

I want to share with you a couple of testimonials that came out of the last WINNER CIRCLE we just wrapped up. I didn't ask them for feedback. They wrote this during their last check-in and I thought it would be appropriate to share with you. Especially if you were considering signing up for the new one. 

Good new! I just opened the doors to registration today for the public and I'm giving you a $100 off link. Due to the fact that we have more than a handful of people continuing from the last Winner Circle, I'm only taking a few more people. Because I will be speaking with each of you on the phone or skype and offering feedback to your check-ins, I have to keep the group intimate. 

SNAG your spot here to be apart of the 12 WEEK Accountability Group ---$100 off link  WINNER CIRCLE 

A few words from experience:

Michelle Berger Arts
 On one hand it is hard to believe our 16 weeks are up and yet on the other hand the person I was 16 weeks ago is so different from the person I am today! Deciding to join the Winner Circle was one of the best decision I have ever made! In the past 16 weeks I have lost 20lbs, dropped several clothing sizes, gained strength and confidence. Lauren with your guidance and support I am now a very clean eating confident vegan. I learned proper kettlebell technique and countless new moves. My muscle tone and body composition have undergone a complete transformation! I learned to find the time and make myself a priority. I committed to myself, my health and my training. I also learned that sometime life throws curves and no matter how committed a person is to training somedays it just may not happen. I also have the foundation to pickup where I left off and keep going. Lauren Brooks your knowledge, support, encouragement and understanding are incredible! To all of the ladies in this group I have enjoyed taking this journey along with you. We each have different goals, lifestyles, nutrition and training programs but that did not prevent any of us from supporting and cheering one another along our respective journeys. I am so grateful for this opportunity and the impact it has had on my life! At this point I am a little bird trying to decide if I have learned enough to fly on my own or if I still need the comfort and support of the nest. I wish you all the greatest of success in the future. These 16 weeks will always hold a special place in my heart!

I can't believe that this is the last check is truly amazing how quickly the 16 weeks have gone! I am very thankful for this group and especially to you Lauren. Your support is exactly what I needed to help me manage my busy work and baking schedule and mostly all of the injuries. Under the circumstances, it would have been very easy for me to make a million excuses as to why I could not exercise but this group kept me motivated to find the time to get something in the majority of days during the week. And as a result, my injuries improved and I have gotten much stronger and regained some of my confidence. The nutrition coaching has been so helpful and my stomach problems are improving as well. Not every week was perfect but I found ways to make it work and to support others in the group. And, most of all, it is nice to know that there are other people out there with a similar interest that have busy lives that interfere, and we are all trying to do our best to carve out some time to motivate each other to live happier and stronger lives! I am very excited to continue and look forward to seeing alot of familiar faces here and in the playground!!

SNAG your spot here to be apart of the 12 WEEK Accountability Group ---> WINNER CIRCLE   2 spots left.... We have an installment plan option here as well


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