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New Years FITNESS Sale! Buying Guide - Up to 50% off

Take 50% off all DVD's and Digital videos. If you spend more than $100 we will send you a free shirt ($25 value). Just email us your size and we will send it with your order. 



50% off all DVD's and Digital Downloads. Code: holiday

This is the place to start. These videos include the foundation exercises and instruction that can be used for years on end. Although beginners fall in love with these videos, the advanced people still go back to these to keep their foundation strong. The book on the right is your step to step guide on how to do every kettlebell exercise plus a 12 week workout program. All of these DVD's or Digital streaming videos comes with a free rotation plan. 
Learn how to use kettlebells, move properly, and become strong and lean like never before from all of our programs. 

Course ImageCourse ImageCourse Image

Kettlebells for Women: Workouts for Your Strong, Sculpted & Sexy Body (Paperback)
Can personally sign if requested

Kettlebell size recommendations for beginners

50% off all DVD's and Digital Downloads. Code: holiday

In addition to all of the programs above in the beginning section our intermediate and advanced students love and continue to use, here is the next step up. Free rotation plans come with all of these videos

Course ImageCourse ImageCourse ImageCourse ImageCourse Image

eBOOK AND WRITTEN PROGRAMS for level just after beginner

Be SLAM 1 - take $5 off with code: laurenbrooks

Course Image
Be SLAM (Strong Like A Mother)12 Week ebook program that will get you stronger than ever. 

Be SLAM 2 - take $10 off with Code: beslam2

Course Image
Be SLAM 2 (Strong Like A Mother)
Next step after Be SLAM 1 - 12 Week ebook program that will continue to increase your strength in various ways. 

50% off all DVD's and Digital Downloads. Code: holiday

Here are two workout videos that are designed to do during pregnancy. First Baby Bells is available in both download and hard copy DVD format. Baby Bells 2 is available in digital only. 

Course Image
Baby Bells 1 DVD here
Baby Bells 2 Digital here

PREGNANCY KETTLEBELL Recommendation 6kg and 8kg

Optimal immune protection, muscle density and fat loss. 

$5 off with code: laurenbrooks

FIT 365® Year-Round Grass-Fed Native Whey Protein

Available in Gourmet Chocolate and Vanilla Bean

Nucleo Immune, Premier Research Labs, (60 Capsules)

Nucleo Immune by Premier Research Labs is a natural immune system and rejuvenation supplement that promotes rapid cellular regeneration, increased vitality, and repair and wound healing. It is the first nano-protein delivery system devised to promote instantaneous immune boost and increased vitality. 

Premier Greens, (2 oz) - I use this as my multi-vitamin

Premier Greens, 2 oz

Premier Greens Powder is a live-source, super nutrition greens formula for premier health and rejuvenation support. Premier Greens Powder supports the following: Alkalize and balance your body's pH: Alkalinizing the body helps protect against chronic diseases that result when the body becomes too acidic Can boost energy levels, increase overall well-being, build strong bones, enhance memory, and strengthen the immune, circulatory, lymphatic and respiratory systems


Work with Lauren Brooks on the phone or in person. More info here. Get to your results in record time with personalized attention.


Workout in style with these various tank tops. We also have purple as well!

Take $5 off with code: laurenbrooks

**Or we will send you a FREE one when you order $100 or more in nutrition or/and fitness products. ** Just email us your size and which style you want. 

FEB 6TH, 2016
early bird special ending soon!



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