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Strength and Fat Loss Kettlebell Workshop - Beginner Focused: All Levels Welcomed!

Beginning STRENGTH and Fat Loss WORKSHOP with KETTLEBELLS and more...

Beginner focused: All levels are welcomed.

at the
Onnit Academy

Move better and Feel Better learning how to use your body weight and kettlebells to achieve the strong and lean body you've always strived for. Quick and efficient workouts will get you there without the long drawn out boring cardio sessions that run your muscle off and cause overuse injuries. Be ready to change your life!

Instructed by Lauren Brooks 

Feb 7th Saturday Time:
12-4 p.m.

Details below!

ONLY $149

Who will benefit from these Fat loss and Strength workshops:

- Busy people who struggle to find the time to work out; such as moms, dads, and all working professionals who still want to feel and look amazing!

- People who despise exercise and need something that is fun and motivating.

- Beginning exercisers that want to learn a fun and efficient way to strengthen their entire body while burning fat at the same time.

Personal Trainers and Group Fitness coaches that want to safely add proper progressions to implement kettlebells to their clients regimen. 

- Athletes who want to take their training to a new level. Such as snowboarders, wakeboarders, surfers, runners, yogi's, and martial artists.

- People who are tired of spending hours in the gym and only seeing mediocre results (IF ANY)

- The at home exerciser who wants to make sure they are using kettlebells correctly in addition to  wanting to feel refreshed with new ideas. 

- Beginners are welcomed and do not need to have any previous kettlebell training experience. 

All levels can will benefit from this type of training.


Lauren's workshop was specific, efficient and perfectly designed with appropriate progressions. Specific needs were easily addressed. Individuals each received cues plus suggestions constantly throughout the entire session. Lauren demonstrates and presents excellent real life examples of each kettlebell exercise, as well as providing a specific accurate workbook. SENSATIONAL!
Robin E., Encinitas Ca

I had a great time! Lauren is an excellent teacher she covers everything. She is definitely educated on the human body and knows what she teaches. Loved the class!
M. Roybal, San Diego Ca

"Outstanding workshop. I learned so many new things and I felt challenged throughout. The instructor was very thorough, with great examples. Great pace, I never felt burnt out, but it was never too easy. Excellent motivation as well. The class far exceeded my expectations."
Eric G. - Carlsbad, Ca

" I really enjoyed your laid back style. You are thorough yet you let us get our own feel for it. I will continue to learn from you."
Carrie M. - San Diego, Ca

" I really liked this workshop. You are clear and easy to take direction from. I would recommend this to anyone. I thought this workshop would be good, but it was great. Thanks for sharing!
Tracey B. - Encinitas, Ca

Being a beginner to kettlebells, I thought this workshop was awesome!! Lauren did an excellent job of explaining the different kettlebell moves and also kept me safe from hurting myself. (Which could easily happen being so new to kettlebells) I would love to, and look forward to, taking more classes/workshops in the future. Great job, Lauren!!"
Sarah R. - Newport Beach, Ca

"Loved the workshop. It was great to see if I was actually using Kettlebells correctly. The towel kettlebell swing was my light bulb moment. I love the manual and can't wait to go home and start a new workout!
Karyn R. - Marysville, Ca

 Well Organized
- Comprehensive
- Understandable
- Applicable

And very FUN in a non-intimidating environment.

Well worth the drive! 
Tammy C,  Santa Cruz, California

"Really informative and not intimidating. Wish you lived in Los Angeles."

Amanda L,  Los Angeles, California

"I was very impressed with Lauren's ability to patiently explain each move focusing on each step as it should be executed.  I went in with no knowledge of what a kettlebell workout should look like and feel as though, with some work, I will be able to apply the exercises I learned. Thank you!!"

Honey D, Carlsbad, California

"This was wonderful.  I attended hoping to learn something different & fun, & learn it safely.  You totally delivered.  I look forward to integrating kettlebells into my workout!

Leah. W. , Ca

Dreams DO come true!
I've dreamed of taking a class with Lauren Brooks since I first discovered her DVD workouts about 2 years ago. I live in the UK whilst Lauren lives in the US so I thought my dream would remain just that. Well sometimes dreams do come true as I had the opportunity to take a workshop with Lauren on her recent trip to London and what an experience it was! I was very nervous before attending thinking it would be filled with super fit, amazingly honed athletes and I would be left standing in their dust. Not so. There was a great cross section of kettlebellers from out of shape beginners to some RKC's and Lauren taught us all with huge encouragement, intuition and passion. Lauren's love for what she does is evident in every move and sentence. Lauren is warm, encouraging and totally non-intimidating. Her form tips are excellent. For instance in order to stop some manic swings that were being performed she told us all to think "float" at the top of the swing and it worked like a charm - no more bionic swinging! She wants everybody to progress, safely, to be their best selves and to have fun with their kettlbell practice and not view it as a chore.

If you ever get the chance to work with Lauren, please, please take it. I gained so much from my workshop experience - vastly improved form from when I walked in (even the RKC's participating in the workshop had some tweaks made to their form) and increased confidence that I was actually on the right path and pretty darn good at some moves (swings).

If ever Lauren comes to the UK again for a workshop she can count on at least one class member for sure - me!

Thank you Lauren for everything.
Charmaine, UK

I have been a fan for a long time. I love Lauren's instruction style, it's thorough, clear and it keeps me safe. The Kettlebell Body is proof that Lauren is dedicated to forever learning because she managed to make the best even better with new techniques and even more energy. I think these workout sequences are the best yet, uncomplicated to follow but they make you sweat!!! Lauren's teaching got me hooked on kettlebells. I got serious about my workouts about eight months ago and used Lauren's workouts and the new Kettlebell Body routines to stay focused. In that time I have lost about 37lbs from a combo of exercise and nutrition changes. Most important to me are the SIX inches (I just measured) that melted off my middle-belly all while I was having fun and getting stronger with kettlebells. You can so do this! I LOVE this DVD and highly recommend it. Lauren, your work keeps getting better and better. Thank you for helping me to get it in gear and to finally start transforming my coach potato body. You are an inspiration.  --- Chante`


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