Six Years ago today

Six years ago I was blessed with my second baby girl.  She didn't make her way in to this world easily, despite how great my pregnancy was. (Birth story here) My life has not been the same since, as most parents can imagine. I truly didn't realized after being head over heels in love with my first child, that feeling the same about my second was possible. She has definitely proved me wrong. The connection I have with both of my girls are so different, yet very strong on many levels. The individuality of character they both portray astounds me.


Happy 6th Birthday to my precious Chloe. Chloe has learned to read this year in her Kindergarten class and is very motivated to read every book she has to me.  She has learned to use her scooter this year, earned her yellow belt in karate, and enjoys performing with singing and dancing routines with her sisters.

Chloe 6 weeks old with
her 2  yr old sister
Chloe is a witty, sweet, funny, curious, and has a way with animals equivalent to the dog whisperer. She loves her sisters more than anyone could measure and enjoys acting crazy with them. When I pick her up from school she literally jumps up and down several times, while telling me what a great day she had. She is always smiling and laughing.  I love you so much Chloe bear. You are the light of my life.

Chloe's sisters adore her. Playing the bath is just not the same without her. 

Chloe being silly with her sisters

Chloe has been exercising using kettlebells since before she was born. She is an official Baby Bell.  :) She likes to surprise me by showing me what she can do.  She know very well this is how her mom got back in shape quickly after the C-sections. "Look mommy, am I doing it?" she asked. 

Look at me mommy
 Every day is a gift with these kids. I never take a single moment I have with them for granted.  It truly takes a village to help nourish and encourage the inner gifts each child has. The support system of family, friends, and teachers are phenomenal. It's not about WHAT you have in life, it's about WHO you have surrounding you. 

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