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7 Steps on How to Attack the Holiday Temptations & Extra Pounds

Not to mention the leftovers you are persuaded by your in laws to take home and eat for the next month. Don't forget the fun holiday parties with unlimited amounts of food, wine, and champaign.

The colder weather also contributes to sweet cravings and laziness. How can you say no to all the temptations? How can you possibly avoid weight gain or stay on track with your nutrition program? I will tell you how in 7 steps. By the end of this article you will have a plan on attacking the holiday pounds and temptations, while still being able to enjoy yourself.


Focus your workouts on fat blasting. What I mean by fat blasting is stick to high intensity workouts for a short duration. If you are traveling you don't have to go searching for a gym and spend too much time away from your family. If you have access to a gym then wonderful.
These  exercises will fire up your metabolism, organize your thoughts, boost your mental health, and relieve stress. You will then be more focused on your goals and be in the mind frame to resist the holiday traps. Below is a sample workout program you can do in under 20 minutes. You can do this anywhere anytime.  For free Kettlebell or bodyweight workouts you can check out these videos here.  If you have access to kettlebells or weights we offer the most effective, fun and simple digital and streaming workout videos you can download in moments.

Directions: Go through each exercise for 30 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds. Repeat for 4-5 rounds. ENJOY! If you don't have access to any weights or a kettlebell go through the motion with just your body weight and with the intent of being explosive through each movement. 


Kettlebell swings are one of the most efficient exercises that is commonly 
used for fat burning, athletic performance enhancement, strengthens the glutes, back, hips, abs, lats, quads, ankles, toes, and improves stamina like no other!  

Still having trouble with the Kettlebell Swing, begin with the Towel Swing drill here

If you don't have access to a jump rope, jumping jacks will work.
Find a pace to where you can jump rope for 1 minute without stopping. If you are unable to jump a stationary bike or a cardio machine at high intensity will work as well.

Push ups will strengthen your chest, triceps, and shoulders. Start with your toes on the floor and place your hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Keep your head aligned with your body by looking down at the floor.
Inhale as you lower yourself to the floor slowly, bending your elbows slightly back behind you. Exhale pushing your body away from the floor, while straightening your arms out. 10-20 times. If this is too difficult start on your knees.

Half Get Ups (with no bell or a kettlebell)


Bring your own healthy dish. You can find many healthy dish recipes here. Some relatives can be your worst enemy when it comes to food, if they are persuasive by guilting you in to trying some of the heavier fattening dishes. Take a small scoop to be polite but remember who is in charge!


Have a snack or a delicious protein shake before you leave for the party or dinner. This way you will feel sustained and not end up binging when you arrive. Good snacks can be a handful of nuts, a small protein shake, or an apple with a hard boiled egg.


Avoid alcohol as much as possible. Not only does alcohol have tons of calories, it can also inhibit your judgment and you will find yourself eating every thing in site. If you feel the need to have alcohol try limiting yourself to one during your meal. Stay away from sodas and fruit juices as well.
Many people at parties feel they need to be holding something to be social. Drinking plenty of water with a squeeze of lemon will be your best alternative. Green tea is great as well and can speed up your metabolism.


Make sure you allow yourself some flexibility with your favorite food from time to time. If you constantly deprive yourself you may decide you are unable to keep your nutrition habits stable and will find yourself binging or miserable. You may become cranky and no one will want to be around you.
Keep your spirits up and let yourself have a small serving of that pecan or pumpkin pie that you had your eye on all night. That will keep you on track and your mood up. Don't feel bad about it. You are allowed to live a little! 


When choosing what to eat, fill your plate up mostly with the vegetable dishes. Pick the lean meats without the skin. Stay away from the baked breads. If you feel you have to try a dish that is relatively high in fat or sugar, keep the portion very small.  Chew your food slowly and enjoy the taste. 


Go for a 15-20 minute brisk walk after dinner. Instead of letting the turkey take over and make you tired, get some fresh air. You might be able to convince your significant other or relatives to walk with you for some bonding time.


So there it is! A seven step plan of attack to beat the holiday weight gain and temptations. Print out this article and keep it with you during the holidays and you will be reminded to stay on track. Turn New Years and you will not be killing yourself to lose the extra pounds you put on during the holidays like the rest of America. Stick with it! If you  need more motivation to eradicate any possible excuse of why not to exercise, check out this article. Shut Up and Train

To Yours In Strength and Happy Holidays,


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Julie said…
This is stuff I've heard before (some, not all) but it's great to have it all in one *printable* place to remind me! Thanks!

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