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Kat's Kettlebell Journey From the Philippines (Mom of 2 and inspiration)

Two days ago I received such a warm hearted motivating email. I'm always touched when people choose to write to thank me for their what inspired and motivates them for becoming the strong! 

Kat (AKA Mamakat) wrote me several emails on what she has done to achieve a beautiful strong and lean body (6 pack) with kettlebell training and clean eating. 

Thank you Kat for sharing this with me and allowing me to share it with the world.  I hope people find you on instagram and follow your transformation!  ----> mamakathere

Here are a few clips of her email and photos that she has sent over.  

Greetings from your #1 fan in the Phillippines.

Hi Lauren, 

I'm Kat a mother of two. I got hooked into kettlebells when I leaned out a few months after giving birth. I heard about you from our kettlebell instructor marc. He is the only certified ktb instructor here in Manila. I'm lucky to be trained by him. I am a part time model and perfume maker, but my passion for health and fitness is beyond, im a big time ufc fan... Meisha tate has been my long time idol. My goal this year is to spread the beauty of kettlebell training! There are moms here who cannot afford fancy gym and trainers... I want to share how kettlebell training transformed the body I have.... Im 5'9 100 lbs... My energy is insane!  I eat well and never a fan of diets.  I am still nursing.  

I able to double swing, clean and press a 35 pounds bell... Never in my dreams I thought I could ever lift 1/4 of my weight! You are an inspiration! I keep watching your videos over and over for motivation!

Anyway my dream is to meet you."



Oh by the way I'm a mother to a special child, my eldest has autism and one of the reasons why we went kettlebell training is that we had no time for fancy gyms last husband is the one who got me into this...He never resorted to any kind of diet.. He ate well but went on working with kettlebells as he leaned out. I documented my transformation on instagram under mamakathere when I started 6mos ago.  There you will see how I got ab cuts with my 14 pound bell. I wish to spread the beauty of kettlebells to all mothers here. That is the very reason why I am training with Marc. I wish to be a blessing to others.


Bear said…
I love reading inspirational stories about women and kettlebells but am I the only one who is a little concerned that this woman is 5'9" and 100 lbs?
Anonymous said…
No, you're not alone. She is crazy strong, though!
Tina said…
No, you are def not the only one. Looking at the photo did make me feel a little bit better. She does seem to have a small frame. I would still like to see her with a little bit more cushioning on those bones...
I had the same reaction initially, but we all have different body types and she seems naturally thin to me. She never said that she was overweight after having her baby, just that she had leaned out. It's great that she has been able to increase her strength and energy!
I had the same reaction initially, but we all have different body types and she seems naturally thin to me. She never said that she was overweight after having her baby, just that she had leaned out. It's great that she has been able to increase her strength and energy!
Steve carve said…
Kettlebells are the perfect exercising equipment. i lost 3 kgs of weight within a month.

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