Double Kettlebell Metabolic Conditioning (Fat Blast)


Grab 2 Kettlebells and let's have some fun.
Follow along or set your timer for 15 seconds of hard work, 15 seconds of rest.

Nothing wrong with eating pumpkin pie and enjoying your favorite foods over the holidays.  Don't forget to have fun during this time with your workouts, move, invite the family to do an easier version, and again HAVE FUN!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving from Della, Katie, and Lauren from On The Edge Fitness!


Anonymous said...

Love this! definitely gonna have to try this out.

Eloise Koullapis said...

So we don't have thanksgiving in South-Africa, but I sure am thankful to you for this one. :) I tell you: WhooWhee,this workout rocks!" Love it Lauren and thanks Della and Katy. You girls are SUPER INSPIRATIONAL.

Anonymous said...

What's the weight on the kettle balls?

Anonymous said...

Probably 12 kg.