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Random Acts of Kindness

“Kindness is more than deeds. It is an attitude, an expression, a look, a touch. It is anything that lifts another person.” Unknown

Have you ever done something for someone without expecting anything in return?  Have you ever helped someone you don’t even know? Did you know that doing something nice for someone without any strings attached can literally be just as rewarding for you as it is for the other person?  Raises seratonin levels and makes you more pleasant to be around. 

A few weeks ago I celebrated my 33rd birthday.  Rather than have a big celebration, I chose to lay low and be with my family.  Throughout the day I thought it would be nice to go to my local Eastern Refloxology place for an hour treatment to have a bit of pampering.  When I walked in the lady at the front desk told me there were no openings.  She asked if I could come back in a few hours and I told her I’d be having a small family birthday dinner by then.  Once she heard the word birthday she immediately got on the phone with another location and had someone drive over to accommodate me.  I was thrown back by her kindness.  She said to me “I can’t let you leave without having something special for your birthday.”  I sat down in the waiting room with a big smile.  As I was waiting, a couple came in for their appointment.  They sat next to me and we began to chat.  The lady was from London so we immediately hit it off. 

When the masseuse arrived from the other store she wished me a happy birthday when she walked in.  I was a bit embarrassed and thanked her profusely for coming just for me.  The couple wished me a Happy Birthday and we said our good-byes.  Normally for reflexology they take you in a quiet room with about 10 other people and lounge chairs.  She took me to a private dark room with my own lounge chair for extra special treatment.  I felt like a princess.  For a full hour I had one of the best reflexology experiences I’ve ever had.  I nearly fell asleep several times, which doesn’t ever happen to me.  I was so relaxed and was able to check out fully.  It was just what I needed!  

When my reflexology treatment was all finished I walked to the front desk and pulled out my wallet to pay.  The lady at the front desk told me that it was all taken care of.  I looked at her confused.  She said, “That couple you were talking to paid for it.”  I looked at her speechless for a moment.  I told her that I had just met that couple and couldn’t believe the kindness.  I gave the masseuse a huge tip and left feeling on top of the world.  I wanted to thank the couple but they were still in their massage.  I left a note thanking them and leaving my information to hopefully pay them back some how.  

I may never see that couple again but they left something with me.  They left the gift to me to continue and pay it forward.  Now it’s my turn to give little random acts of kindness.  I feel these acts can come in so many different ways.  Doesn’t have to be large purchases.  It could be going out of your way and doing a good deed like randomly paying for someone’s coffee behind you.  Smiling at someone, looking in their eyes, and sincerely asking how their day is going.  Humans are good people.  When we are a plugged in to our phones or electronic devices we lose the real human contact interaction.  If I had been plugged in waiting for my masseuse I would have never spoken to the nice couple that was in the waiting room.  Two things I’d like to work on are randoms acts of kindness and unplugging from my devices to be fully engaged with the person I’m with or just be engaged with myself.  I’m ever so guilty of having my phone on me when I’m not with my kids so I can get updates constantly.  I will work on only checking from time to time.  In reality we survived without the phones and constant updates!  Would love to hear some random acts of kindness stories that you have been involved with some how.  Thanks for reading, now go out and make someone’s day! 


Melody said…
I love this. :) And I'm so glad you had such an amazing birthday! <3
Anonymous said…
Wow that is really cool! We had a random act of kindness too once. We were on our daughters make a wish trip and a couple came up to us and handed us a $500 gift card so that we could make her trip extra special. it was amazing that someone who didn't know us would do that! The unexpected kindness of others really does make you want to be kind to others too :)
Green Gyms said…
Aw! This is such a sweet article, and it's totally true. It's amazing how you can make someone's day by just opening a door for them, or even smiling!

Angel said…
Happy belated birthday Lauren :) I was on a business trip and on my way back there were massive delays. I was one of the lucky few to get a hotel voucher at the Hilton (paid by the airline). There was a colleague at the same airport and though I didn't know her that well (she was from a different branch of the company in another city), I decided to offer her a place to stay in my room. I couldn't just leave her at the airport overnight. Upon overhearing us, a woman behind us in the airport lineup ended up doing the same thing and offering a place to stay to a woman near her in the lineup. So instead of just 2 people staying at the Hilton, there were 4 :)
Unknown said…
I LOVE your blog!!

Please checkout our blog!

Hope your having a wonderful week! : )
What an AWESOME experience. What a blessing on your bday (O: All your good work came back to you!
This is simply true. Thanks so much.
Susan said…
My husband and I are both students and have 4 children so our budget is tight. For my daughter's 11th birthday, which happens to fall on New Year's Day, I took all the kids to breakfast. They chattered all through breakfast and were enjoying eating out. The older couple next to us had smiled at the kids and seemed amused by some of their chatter. When I asked for our bill the waitress told me that the older couple next to us took care of it. They were gone so I was unable to thank them. As ridiculous as it sounds I teared up, so did my daughter. It was very humbling. I left a large tip and was speechless for a bit.
Lauren Brooks said…
Susan, how beautiful!!! Warmed my heart. Thank you for sharing. xoxo

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