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My Time in Houston and Women's Kettlebell Workshop

This past weekend I flew to Houston, the city where I lived for a good part of my childhood.  I don't go back to Houston often with my crazy schedule, but really glad I made this work.  Let's face it, Houston is not known for the beauty or great weather.  I will say Houston has some of the greatest and warmest people I've had the privilege to meet in my life.  The few days I was there just wasn't long enough.  Next time I'll have to go back for longer.

I was lucky enough to arrange a unique Women's kettlebell and Self Defense workshop with Jay Armstrong.  Jay is an incredible person, athlete and teacher.  I really enjoyed learning from him as well. We had a great intimate group and it was a very productive day!  There were some very inspiring ladies there and it was a pleasure to meet each and every one of them.

Jay Armstrong/ Lauren Brooks Women's Kettlebell Workshop with Self Defense

Here are some quotes we have received from the attendees.

"Thanks for the amazing workshop!! It was such a great workshop, and so wonderful to meet you!!” Had an AMAZING time at the Kettlebell workshop held by Jay Armstrong and Lauren Brooks! I am so lucky to have had these two as my first kettlebell workshop instructors. They are incredibly knowledgeable, disciplined instructors, who truly love what they do. They are the type of people that motivate you, just by being in the room. If any of you want to join me at a future workshop, or a weekend class at the Houston Kettlebell club, here in League City, - let's do it!! 
As a side note - Yes, I am sore. Learned the new technique for the swing, and both of my "cheeks" are nice and "aware". We were also taught something very cool- the importance of working out your weaker side - which for me is my left arm\shoulder. That is also quite tender. Learning the right way to do things, and subtle changes in technique makes a big difference! Love this stuff!!! ♥– Melissa Lozano

“Thank you so much Jay ! We loved the workshop! I truly enjoyed the mobility/stretching portion of the workshop.  Thank you so much!” – Anahi Navarro

"Lauren, I loved the workshop! Thank you so much! Hope you come back to texas soon ! xoxo"
  – Anahi Navarro

1 Arm Slap Swing

 “Thank you for the certificate!! I am going to find a place for it on the wall, since it was my first Kettlebell workshop. What a way to start out - I'm so lucky to have had my first workshop taught by you, Jay Armstrong, and Lauren Brooks!!” – Melissa Lozano

“I have been doing squats improperly when I pick up my baby, which is a significant number of times a day, so that was a good takeaway for me. I also enjoyed your self defense tips.” – Kate Shafer

"ohh gosh I'm still sore after Lauren Brooks and Jay Armstrong workshop but totally addicted to kettlebells !loved the workshop and looking forward to another one !" – Anahi Navarro

"It was great to meet you and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the class. It really helped me pinpoint all the areas where I need to work on my technique. Thanks again!" - Becky Abdella

"Thanks so much for the great workshop today! So worth it!" 

- Peggy Hammond


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