Sweaty Saturday - slightly more conditioning than the usual workouts

We did this workout in my class last Saturday.  The beauty of this workout is, it's designed to where you can still use relatively heavier weights due to the time interval being only 20 seconds per exercise.  Give this workout a try and let me know what you think.

Set your timer for 20 seconds.
Go through the following exercise and only break 20 seconds when you need to transition to the next exercise for both sequences.
Sequence #1

FLOOR PRESS (less strong side)
FLOOR PRESS (stronger side)
FRONT LUNGE (less strong side)
FRONT LUNGE (stronger side)

Repeat 3-4 Rounds

Sequence #2

SNATCH (less strong side)
SNATCH (stronger side)

Repeat 3-4 Rounds

Cool down

Plank Holds
Side Planks

2-3 rounds

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lisa said...

Killer! I tried this yesterday and really feeling it today! I want to bump the bf% question, under summer juice post.. I'm very interested too... Trying to find a diet best for quick but long term BF lose

Anonymous said...

Do you agree with Rusty Moore that kettlebells and other circuits only get you, to 80% of your goal? Low intense cardio is needed after to burn the free fatty acids that are released from the circuit, high intense training?

Lauren said...

No I do not agree. PLenty of people have amazing success with NO low intensity cardio. I think walking is wonderful though!

Quint1980 said...

Hi Lauren. Great workout! I tried it this morning together with my GF. I like the fact that it has shorter intervals to allow for heavier weights used. Tried the 3 round version and I was dripping sweat all over the floor. Thanks for posting and keep up the good work, you're a big inspiration, especially to my GF.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Do I rest 20 seconds after every single exercise. So 20 on 20 off the entire time? Or only once at the end of each sequence? No rest between exercises unless I'm starting a new sequence?