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Strength Based (mostly) Kettlebell Workout with Lauren Brooks and Katie Dawers

Here is a strength workout that can be for either men or women.  This workout in the video is demonstrated by two small ladies.  Katie Dawers, soon to be RKC, at only 121lb's easily doing double cleans with a pair of 24kg's (53lb) kettlebells. That's a total of 106lb's.  Lauren Brooks 114lb's demonstrating Goblet Squat's with a 32kg (70lb).   There will be a new article being released, I wrote dedicating it to "Strong is the New Sexy" theme.  It's good to know that this is finally what's accepted and not the anorexic unhealthy flabby skinny look.  Women can and should be strong as well and now it's sexy, so I hope you enjoy the new article coming out in the My Mad Method's magazine.  Details below to get your copy. 

Kettlebell Strength Workout for Women Instructions:
Perform each set with 90-120 sec between sets and exercises.

Kettlebell Strength Workout designed for Women but powerful enough for a Man:
A: Alt Clean & Press - 5 x 5-8 ES
B: Ring Pull Up - 5 x 5-8
C: Double Cleans - 5 x 5-8
D: Goblet Squat - 5 x 5-8
E: Side Toss - 5 x 45-60 sec  Or Swings if you don't have a partner
 ( Side Toss taught to me by RKC Team Leader, Michael Castrogiovanni)

Check out the Kettlebell Magazine Issue at


Anonymous said…

I am loving the looks of this workout...thank you for sharing! Just curious - do you do rounds (ABCDE, then repeat), or do you recommend all sets of A, then all sets of B, etc?

Again, thank you...can't wait to try this one out!

Lauren Brooks said…
Hi Jessica,

You will aim for 5 rounds. I would suggest going through all the exercises then repeating. If you are looking to add "muscle" then go through each one with the allocated rest before moving on to the next exercise. Most ladies will prefer going through the entire group of execises, then repeating. Men may want to hit each exercise 5 times before moving on.
Richard said…
Hi Lauren,

That is a solid group of exercises. I stumbled across your blog several years ago when I was first getting into kettlebells and I have stopped by from time to time.

My question for you is more a motivation question...for my wife. I am not trying to offend any of your readers. I am seriously looking for an approach to getting her engaged in kettlebell training (to maintain marital bliss I never push exercise on her and I love her just as she is and she does look fantastic!). I just know that kettlebell training would help strengthen her back which is an area that gives her problems whether it is headaches or posture issues. So my question...

What have you seen to be the key to inspiring your female clients to trying/sticking with kettlebells?

Thanks in advance for your help!
MightyAl said…
This looks great Lauren. Thanks for sharing!

Question: on the video the recommended rep range is 8-10 reps but on the blog post it states 5-8 reps. Please clarify. Thanks so much!
Lauren Brooks said…
Mighty Al,

The editor may have set the wrong rep range. I personally like strength workouts to be lower in reps closer to 5-8, rather than 8-10. That's why I wrote the workout that I felt was best.

Lauren! The two of you ROCK! You are such an inspiration on those pull ups,o-m-g! I am planning to get that magazine you are in!

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