Super Strong and Effective Workout

I thought I'd share a workout that my super strong kick ass class did this week.  It was a beautiful day outside here in Encinitas at around 68 degrees.  This was the class design.  Feel free to give this a shot. 

Part 1:
Partner you go I go.  Go through each exercise back and forth with your partner.  First round you will do 2 reps of each then your partner will go, then 4 reps of each then your partner, 6, 8, and finally 10! 
2 Kettlebells needed. 

Push Ups on Bells

Double Front Squats

Double High Pulls

Double or Single Stationary Lunges

While your partner is working you are lightly stretching your hip flexors, glutes, or chest in between.  Reps 2,4,6,8,10.  Your partner is really there to pace yourself. If you try this alone take rests as needed so you can go in fresh. Let me know how you do.

Part 2:

Pull - Ups or Rows 75%

Planks - 30 seconds

Snatches  5,4,3,2,1

Repeat 2-3x

Many of my ladies were snatching 20kg's with ease.  Katie Dawers at only 123 pounds was using DOUBLE 20 KG'S throughout the majority of Part 1.   Very proud of my whole class!  More and more strong ladies are disproving the get big and bulkier theory when using heavy weights.  I have the tiniest girls using the heaviest bells.  Come on people let's wake up and start lifting heavy sh#t! (properly of course with good structural integrity)

Tell me how you do with this workout!


Haley @ Climb Run Lift Mom said...

Looks like a great workout! I think I may go out and buy a second bell just so I can do it :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren! please post some new YouTube workouts/training videos, need some summer motivation :)

Anonymous said...

Nice and thanks!

fAith said...

I will try this and let you know next week.


Lauren said...

Thanks! Let me know how it goes. I will try and work on a youtube workout.

bdumais15 said...


Thanks for the new workout. I started out thinking two times through but only made it once. I should have known better:)

Anonymous said...

This was a fun workout! Surprisingly challenging and I like the entire routine! Thanks for sharing. Question for you... When you say repeat 2-3 times is this the part 2 section only or the entire workout? For some reason the 5,4,3,2,1 next to snatches isn't making sense to me. I assume it is reps, but if we repeat 2-3 times this doesn't make sense. Please clarify for my tired brain :) thanks again!
Vanesza G.

Vimlesh Tailor said...

Thanks for sharing the famous stories about it. I enjoyed reading as well as learned too.
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