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Chloe's 1st Birthday

Today we celebrated Chloe's first Birthday.  I remember so clearly being in the hospital doing every thing in my power to deliver my baby naturally.  It's been exactly 1 year since the birth and I am still a bit disappointed I ended up with another C-section.  You can read more about my birth experience here. One day I'll get over it, but I am still bummed!

This year with Chloe has been filled with ups and downs.  Having kids is definitely a juggling act.  Seeing my 2 girls interact with one another is one of the biggest joys.  I now have 2 little girls that fill my heart with so much love I just can't stand it.

This year I decided not to have a birthday party for Chloe.  I just wanted to experience the moment with us.  After losing a dear friend 2 weeks ago, it's been really hard for me to want to plan any sort of party. It's not like Chloe will ever remember this any way.

 Of course I made some yummy banana apple sauce muffins (cupcakes) for her.  I made the same ones for Lyla for her first birthday, but this time I added a little Maple Agave to it. I guess we loosen up a little with the 2nd kid! It's still super healthy.  I can post the recipe if anyone takes interest.

I am just happy we all made it through the first year! Most people tell me that when adding a second child to the family, the first year is usually the most challenging. Let's see if it gets any easier.  I plan on posting some updates on how my training is going in addition to some new endeavors that I have taken on.  Life is never boring and filled with so much excitement!

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Lauren said…
Happy Birthday sweet Chloe! Thanks for posting pics, Lauren. And I completely agree with your decision not to throw her a big party-- it's family time and memories that are important, not fanfare and more "stuff." I am anxiously awaiting Beret's first birthday... having two girls seems waaaay harder than one, and I'm hoping that after we hit this next milestone that things will get a little less crazy :) I'm hoping the same for you!
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday Chloe!!
Please post the recipe. My kids have tried other recipes you have posted and loved them. I agree that the first year is the hardest, just don't forget to stop and smell the flowers!!
Jen said…
Yes, please post the recipe, Lauren! It sounds yummy!
Lauren Brooks said…
Thanks! I will be posting the recipe tomorrow!

I will also be making another batch since my 3 year old has requested it. 8-)

I'll be sure to breathe and enjoy every step.

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