Suspension Training and Kettlebell Workout Video

Here is a workout integrating TRX cables and a few kettlebell exercises. This is just a quick introduction to what you can do with them. There are endless amounts of things you can do and this is just a quick balanced workout. TRX training system is a perfect component to kettlebell training! You can also use Rings and the Jungle Gym as well for this particular workout.

I have had a few questions about mounting them. You can buy one with a door anchor that can be used on most doors in the house. So you can turn any room in to your gym. You can also buy a ceiling anchor to put it up or you can hang them from an outside beam if you have one. The door anchor is the most popular for indoor home gyms.

You can view a higher quality version and rate this video here


Jason said...

What sort of mat are you using there?

I've been looking for one about that size that I can use on a wood floor in my apartment and that will protect the floor from KBs should I drop them.


Lauren said...


I put some heavy duty rubber flooring in my garage. There were some left over pieces and I use them for mats outside. That mat probably weighs 50 pounds. I love it. You need to go to a rubber flooring place and they can probably get you a large roll of it and cut it if you want ones that strong.

I have dropped the bells on it a few times and it barely makes a dent on the mat.

Christine said...

What type of TRX do you have?

Lauren said...

Hey Christine,

I have both the old TRX without the lock in loop and the new version. Which they now upgraded in all of the packages. The TRX suspension or home training bundle both work great. Just depends if you need a door anchor or not.

Nancy said...

Jason, we found that horse stall mats from a ranch supply business work great, about $40 bucks for a 4x6 mat. Very heavy though...