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Happy New Year and a Super Fun Workout

Thanks for making 2009 such an incredible year. Here is a workout that I'd like to share with you. I would also like to introduce Della Welchel who is a true role model and an inspiration. Della is one fit mom of 5 girls and I'm proud to announce that she will be joining the On The Edge Fitness team!.
Della will also be leading our brand new BuggyBellz workouts starting in February. This will be an incredible workout that you actually can bring your baby or toddler with. Find out more details about this unique new kettlebell class with your kiddos here.

It's up and working now. Let me know how you like it!

You can also view a larger youtube version here


Unknown said…
Great, loved the tempo. She had excellent form. Loved it. Now how could you set this up if you don't have the equipment for the arm pulls she does?
Julie said…
Thank you for recommedation of using a jungle gym. We do own jungle gym for years but we hardly use it. We don't have to worry about buying TRX and looking forward to new video workout. :)
g. said…
I'm not sure how you do it, but these workouts come right on time.. just when I'm looking for something new, THANKS! I looove the KB, TRX mix & seeing the workouts done outside. It helps me forget that it's 30degrees in NY!
-Are you putting together your own team of trainers? I'd like to be a part of that! Please let me know!
Thanks again!
Lauren Brooks said…
Thanks all! I'm glad you guys like the workout. We'll be doing some more fusion type workouts like this in the future.
workout mommy said…
wow, it is awesome! I love it!
Natalie said…

I love your blog! I recently started doing kettlebells, and shortly after starting them discovered I was pregnant (I am now approx. 5 weeks). Before that I had done plenty of running, yoga, and weight training (mostly BodyPump), so it isn't as though I only recently started a fitness program.

My husband and I do "Art of Strength: Providence", but I haven't been doing a ton of weight since I found out I was pregnant. I'm going to order your video as well. My question is, during the first trimester is it OK for me to do most of the regular kettlebell exercises, such as they are done in the "Art of Strength: Providence"? I've been told that during the first few months it's OK to continue what you have already been doing. I'd love to get your feedback, though!

Lauren Brooks said…
Hi Natalie,

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Yes as long as you have no complications and your Doctor has allowed you to continue to exercise you should be able to continue with what you are currently doing throughout the first trimester. The only thing I do not recommend is too much pressurized breathing or Vo2Max. This is not a time to break records, but to maintain your current strength and fitness level as much as you can.

Good luck and keep me posted!



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