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Why Kettlebells are Perfect for Mommies (Especially the New Ones)

I would like to share this with all the new and old mom's out there. Here is an article I wrote for

Click this link to read it. Kettlebells for women with children

Hope you all enjoy it!


Zorbs said…
You are an inspiration!
Roland Denzel said…
Lookin' pretty ripped for anyone, much less a new mom! Good work!
christina said…
great article!! I need to dust my sad KB off I had my widom teeth out a couple weeks ago and had a rough recovery. But I am finally feeling well enough to start swinging again!!
Lauren Brooks said…

Thank you so much!
Lauren Brooks said…

Thank you Roland. Being a mom makes being fit that much more rewarding.
Lauren Brooks said…

Ouch! Wisdom teeth surgery can really take a toll on you. I'm sorry to hear that your recovery was so hard. Hope you are able to get a couple minutes of kettlebells in soon. I have to get my wisdom teeth taken out as well. Not looking forward to that. 8-(
Franz Snideman said…
Great job Lauren! Totally agree after seeing Yoana go through her pregnancy!
Lauren, I admire that you can make time to prepare a great article,be a mom and all that goes with it! Your experiences and insights are valuable resources.-Kate
Lauren Brooks said…

I am sure you learned so much seeing Yoana go through her pregnancy, although she made it look easier than most. 8-) Thanks!
Lauren Brooks said…

Finding time is definitely challenging. I just don't have much down time. Eventually I will find that balance, but for now I am constantly having different projects brewing. Thank you, I appreciate your kind words.
Anonymous said…
But Kettlebells are perfect for Daddies, too. ;-)

Lauren Brooks said…

You are so right! Kettlebells are perfect for lots of people. 8-) It just so happens moms need to know how well they will work in their crazy schedules. Many moms may be intimidated by them, unlike the daddies. Very cute, thank you. 8-P

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