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Organic Carrot, Orange and Ginger Juice

So that last 2 days I have been making the most delicious fresh juice I have ever had. You would never believe that there is no added sugar. I was feeling really sluggish this past week, due to hormones, and all that fun women stuff. I wanted to start the day off with something a little different. My body doesn't always do well on caffeine, especially when I feel it needs it the most. I crash hard and I am left feeling worse.

Here is the Carrot and Ginger Juice Recipe

6-7 Organic Carrots
2 Oranges (right from my back yard)
1 inch of Ginger ( I love ginger so I put in a little more)

I peeled the oranges so the white part was still on. I also peeled the ginger as well.

I also tried it without the oranges if you are worried about sugar content. It still tasted awesome!!

And Voila! A beautiful looking juice that taste extraordinary. You can tell I'm excited. I don't get excited by too many things, but I felt great after drinking this first thing in the morning.

I've stayed away from fruit juices because of the sugar. But I feel strongly that one glass of FRESH fruit and/or vegetable juice can only have wonderful health benefits.

Does anyone else enjoy making fresh juices? If so, I'd love to hear about other healthy and tasty combinations.


Hi Lauren,

Some people do really well on fresh juices, sounds like you are one of them.

Personally, it does not work well for me as I am much better with "fat fuel" than carbohydrates as the main fuel source.

A natural antioxidant blend that I love is to boil a green tea bag, white tea bag, ginger tea bag, korean ginseng bag, and yerba mate bag in 60 ounces of water. I add some stevia to the mix for taste and keep it in the fridge to cool it.

I sip on it all day and during workouts. Great stuff and better than all the flavored water crap that is popular these days.

All the hydrating benefits of water and tons of anti-oxidants, metabolism boosters, energizers, and anti-estrogen fighters all in one!

Anonymous said…
Hi, Lauren !
Juices or smoothies are perfect before and after a workout. But personaly I never combine fruits and vegetables. Here are two examples for a simple 100% natural juice and natural smoothie. Hope you´ll enjoy it.

Lauren Brooks said…

Your antioxidant blend sounds great. I love all of those teas but never combined them all before. Stevia is the best sweetener.

I was never one to do well on juices or too many carbs. I normally have great energy on protein drinks with my added flax oils. But I wanted to sort of temporarily change things up and so far it has surprisingly felt good.

Anonymous said…
Hi Lauren

Thanks for this post--got some good ideas here to try. I do better with fruits in their regular form and only after I workout. Juices tend to give me a spike in energy than I crash really bad. I also have to stay clear of caffeine..till my adrenal levels stabilize.

I kind of have something but its more for when I feel like I am just really run down or wiped out after a workout.

I boil decaffeinated green tea and decaffeinated black tea, 1 glove or garlic crushed, and one teaspoon of ginger, and one teaspoon of organic Honey from Trader Joe's. I have never tried Stevia but I think I might try that instead. It does not taste all that good but it makes me feel better.

Hope is Ben is doing better.
Lauren Brooks said…
R. Oliveira,

Just checked out the you tube videos. Good stuff. I may try watermelon juice, just afraid of the crazy sugar though. But I may give it a go. It looks tempting.
Thanks for the suggestions.

Lauren Brooks said…

Yes, people with insulin sensitivity definitely need to stay away from almost all juices. Even if they're fresh.

Your concoction of teas sounds tasty. Stevia is a wonderful herbal sweetener. And a little bit goes a long way.

Anonymous said…
The juices sounds delicious.

I tried to message you on myspace but I can't message you, add you as a friend or leave a blog comment so I'm leaving my note here, sorry if that is obnoxious. I've seen your videos on YouTube and they are great! I'm very interested in Kettlebells and will continue to watch your videos and learn. Thanks for posting them!
Lauren Brooks said…

I wonder why that is? I've been able to receive messages and requests on myspace. Who knows!

Glad you like the videos. Hope they are helpful more than anything. I should be coming out with more on you tube soon. Thanks for stopping by!
Tracy Reifkind said…

I'd rather eat my carrots, lol.

Not that I don't already get enough fiber!
Pete said…

This is the first time I had tried ginger in juice, and it was a nice surprise!

I threw other things into the mis as well...beets, celery, blueberries.....turns out it's all very good as long as it is fresh.

I use both an Omega juicer (which is more of a router/press, and a vita mix. I like the vita-mix becuase it keeps all the fiber.

Whenever I juice, I don't need my morning coffee. I just make sure the juice is predominantly vegetable juice with the fruits there to sweeten the taste.

Thanks for the post.
Lauren Brooks said…

I am so addicted to Ginger now. It really adds such a nice taste in almost any juice. I made a fresh Spinach, cucumber, orange, and ginger juice and it was good.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I've never tried the Vita mixer, but I heard it is awesome. Keeping the fiber definitely has it's benefits. 8-)
Sincere said…
Hi Lauren. Thanks for the great juice suggestion. I will have to try it later in the day. By the way, I am addicted to ginger as well. I have 2 concoctions that I use, not only get me energized, but also help me with my allergies.

As you know, the pollen count in Houston can be ridiculous. A juice mixture I drink before bed includes 3-5 limes, a tablespoon of bee pollen, a dash of cayenne pepper, local organic honey, and cinnamon.

However, in the mornings, I add a 2-4 inch sliced piece of ginger to 4 cups of boiling water. While this simmers, I squeeze and place 5-6 kumquats (grown in my girlfriend's parent's backyard) in a 16 oz mug, and pour the ginger tea over it.

This tea gets me going in the morning, plus gets my nasal passages prepared for the humid, polluted morning Houston air. Once you finish the tea, you can eat the kumquats, as is for an added vitamin C boost.

Anonymous said…
Hi Lauren..Thank you for your Juice blend. I am a "juice" person and i will definitely make one for my self. I also want to share my lemon coolers blend. Ive been to asia pacific and they have lots of citrus variety anyone can find. Find all citrus fruit you can find : lemon,lime, oranges, ponkan etc.. slice thinly and put in a pitcher with water (iced preferred).Let it stand for an hour to let the citrus juice mix with water. Add honey or a bit of sweetener. Serve chilled.

Hope you like it!Enjoy!
Hi Lauren,

Your recipe sure sounds like it tastes good. I don't use fruit juices too often (because of the sugar content), but I'll have to try yours out.
A friend recommended this to help with colds

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