Another little quickie

I'm all all fired up this morning because I am headed to the mountains this evening. That's right, it's snowboard season.  This is what I use to LIVE for. If I didn't have a baby right now I would have hit the slopes the second the mountain opened. Ben and I will be going up there with Lyla. So we will have to take turns taking runs. So with all my excited energy I wanted to get in a quickie workout before getting in the car heading to slopes.

Here it goes!

2 Handed Swings 12kg 40x
Alternating Swings 12kg 42x

Double Cleans 12kg's  10x
Dead Double Cleans 12kg's 10x (tough)

High Pull Catch and Squat with a Burpee  12kg 10x 
High Pull Catch and Squat with a Burpee 12kg  10x

Double Snatches  8kg's  15x
Double Snatches 8kg's   18x

1 Arm Push ups  2 per side
Ab wheel roll out  10x
1 Arm Push ups 2 per side
Ab wheel roll out  10x

Stretches with baby and done!  
Last season I had just had Lyla and there was barely any snow left. Remember I'm in southern cali.  Here is a pic of me hitting the slopes as soon as doctors gave me clearance since I had a C-section. I got 2 hours total in for the whole season.  8-(    Yay for today!!! 


leslie said...

We're in Nor Cal and heading up to Boreal for snowboarding tomorrow. The snow isn't great, but there's enough for me, my husband, and my boys to have a great time for the day!

Hope you had a fabulous time!

Howie Brewer said...

You crazy girl! Have fun. And nice work with those One Arm Pushups (again)!!!

Lauren said...


Nice! I'm sure you will have a fabulous time. Heard Mammoth has some good snow right now. I will try and make a trip to Mammoth at least once this year. Never heard of Boreal, is that near Tahoe?

Lauren said...


Thank you. It's weird though. When I do them my back cracks big time. They are definitely challenging. I think I just need to do some GTG with them so it will be more fluid.

Franz Snideman said...

Awesome pic! Sounds like you really want to get out there and shred it up!

Hope you had fun!

Lauren said...


Thank you! I feel so much better now that I got some riding out of my system. It was fun but short!