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Nice hands or a nice ass???

What do you choose??? Well if I have a choice I will choose the nice ass! As all you kettlebellers know, swinging those bells can really roughen up the hands with ugly calluses. I have several people including myself that every now and again get bothered by it. I have never been one to spend time making my hands look really pretty in the first place. With the work I do they would be ruined in one day, so I don't even bother too much. So this is a message for those ladies who let the calluses stop you from swinging kettlebells and doing pull-ups. One of the affects that kettlebell swings have on the body is a very strong nice butt! Tracy Reifkind, the swing master, is the woman to talk to if you have a question on swings and hand care! She is a perfect example of what the swings can do to your body. Suck it up because the rewards are worth it!!!!

On another note, today was an awesome class. It rained outside during the class but my husband and I managed to put a tarp over the overhang. Putting the tarp up was quite a challenge. Not to mention holding the baby in one hand and the wind blowing at 20-30 mph. We are lucky we are still married after that task. 8-) All joking aside, I added some rope training to the class. I was searching on the web and found There is a whole certification of just rope training. It was crazy how in to it these guys were. So I bought a 50 foot 1.5 inch manila rope from, referred to me by Ross Enamait. McMaster had great prices and recevied the rope at my house 3 hours later!  These rope waves are no joke! They get your heart rate up big time and it's a full body workout. I definitely recommend it to those who are looking to add more to their training.

The sun is now coming out. Looks like it will be turning in to another beautiful day. Yay!


Anonymous said…
You look absolutely fABulous! I am seriously impressed. Be proud!
Lauren Brooks said…
Thank you Kristin! It's great to know that my hard work is paying off. 8-)
Jonny Ringo said…
I think I can speak for most guys when I say a nice ass is more appreciated than nice hands. :-)
Great Job Lauren!

You look fantastic!
Howie B said…
I too am in agreement. A woman can always throw on a pair of mittens!

Chicks with muscles rock!
Ben Miller said…
I could definitely use some improvement in the ass area so I guess kettlebells will be the way to go. And yes, most men prefer a nice, firm ass over pretty hands. Keep up the good work!
Lauren Brooks said…
Thanks everyone! I took a picture of my hands with the ugly calluses but I was a bit embarrassed to post it. Glad we're all in agreement about the hands! But with this group, I am probably jut preaching to the choir.
Howie B said…
Come on, now you have to post the hands pic. Do it! Inquiring minds want to know.

I found that my hands got torn up under either of two circumstances. One, if I was lifting barbells on days 1-3-5 and kettlebells on 2-4-6, they never got a chance to recuperate. And two, on really hot days.

Being up in NY, the weather is now starting to get cooler so hot days will be a thing of the past. And with my toddler, my barbell days are behind me for a while as well.
Franz Snideman said…
Great Post Lauren. You are ripped!

And yes,those rope waves rock! Glad you are using them!
Lauren Brooks said…

Trust me. You would rather not see a pic of my calused hands. Not pretty!


8-) Thanks! Yes the rope is fun. My clients love/hate me even more now.
Kettlebell Lady said…
I'll take the ass anyday!
Tracy Reifkind said…
I'm still working on the "nice ass" part...I can give a crap about the hands!

My nice tummy will be coming soon!!!

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