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20kg was still calling my name

Still on very little sleep due to coughing. But I couldn't get it out of my head that I wanted to try to snatch the 20kg. Even at my strongest when I was weighing 117 pounds right before my pregnancy I have never tried this. This morning my weight was 110 so I thought for sure my strength would be compromised.

I pretty much did the same workout as yesterday, which is posted on the previous post. After I was fatigued from my workout, I was impatient and wanted to try it already. So I picked up the bell and my heart started racing. The last thing I want to do is hurt myself. But I went for it and then did it again. Now I am really fatigued, but wanted to do it one more time just to get it on video. I am very shakey at this point as you can tell in the clip. Next time I'll get a video at the beginning of the workout when feeling fresh.


christina said…
I am so impressed! My husband and I are looking at taking a intro to KB, I am becoming quite inspired. He got me a 10 lb one and I have been doing some swings with it to get a feel for it. I'm digging it so far.
Hope the cough settles soon
Anonymous said…
Nice work. Some nice heavy jerks, overhead squats, snatch balances and handstands would take care of that wobbliness right quick...
Lauren Brooks said…

Thank you! I'm glad you are enjoying kettlebells. Once you start it is very hard to stop. Enjoy!
Lauren Brooks said…

Thanks. Give me a couple days of practice and that should get rid of the wobbles. But doing all the exercises you listed should help tremendously as well. Haven't tried to jerk the 20kg yet. Hmmmm, now you are going to make me try that!

Snatch balances??
fawn said…

That was totally awesome! Nice job... now that you've done it once on each side I'll bet you are wanting to do more!

I was scared with my first 20kg snatch... but it gets easier every time I try. Very nice!
Lauren Brooks said…

Thank you. RIght before the video I did 2 on each side. It was super challenging. I definitely want to try more, When my body feels ready I will give it a go! You also play a role in inspiring me to snatch this weight. So thank you very much for that!
Franz Snideman said…
Nice Lauren!

Way to go.....your relative strength is very good!

Hope you feel better! I've had a terrible cold sucks...I know!

Get well!
Tracy Reifkind said…

I too was inspired by Fawn's snatching of the 20kg, so much so that I asked Mark, "I wonder if I could snatch the 20kg?". He asked me, was I was asking if I could, or if I SHOULD?

I guess I know that I could, but I also know that I don't need to, at least not right now, (but you know I'm going to try anyway. lol, damn you and Fawn!)

Wasn't Sara snatching the stinkin' 53? (lbs.)
Lauren Brooks said…

Mark is right! You definitely could do it, but probably don't need to. I didn't need to either, but as stubborn as I am I really just wanted to. So I'm sure you will do the same. We are both Leo's and may share that quality. Honestly, my body most likely would not do well with using heavy bells on a regular basis. It can be too taxing on the joints and tendons at least for me.

And yes! Sara did snatch the stinkin' 53lb. Now know that will be next, but not for quite some time!
Iron Tamer said…
nice work....24kg hears you coming!
Lauren Brooks said…
Thanks Dave! I don't hear the 24kg anytime soon. 8-)

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