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Ground Zero Kettlebell Workshop (Part 2)

Due to popular demand from the students in Ground Zero Kettlebell Workshop Part 1 series, we are offering a Part 2 to learn new skills and deepen our kettlebell lifting and movement patterns. There is no better time than now to bring you an interactive 2 week starter workshop you can do right from your own home. For the second time ever in history I will be doing a live training series in real time virtually. I will be taking a limited group size in order to be able to give specific feedback for every single person who participates. 

This is a LIVE 2 week training, consisting of 6 mini meet up lessons via Zoom, with you and others from around the world. This simple training will put you on the path from ground zero to hero. By the end of the 2 weeks you will have the confidence to use your kettlebell(s) and body to do amazing workouts that will help you get to your fitness goals. 

What does Ground Zero mean? 

Ground Zero means that you are starting from scratch or/and need to completely recalibrate your movement patterns to get the most out of your training with kettlebells. Even if you have experience, but are unsure if you're doing it correctly, or if something hurts you, this will be the place to start. 

Why train with Kettlebells? If you're reading this you must know the full body transformative nature of how kettlebells have completely changed peoples lives. Not only does this training get you stronger and more conditioned in record time, a few kettlebells hardly take up any room. You can do this training almost any where. 

Going from very weak to extremely strong, from in pain to no pain, from unhappy and no confidence to having a purpose and feeling on top of the world. From zero connection with others to new kettlebell buddies. Really, kettlebell training is so much more than achieving an amazing powerful and strong body. The mind change has been extraordinary. The transformations are truly mind boggling. You can read real stories here

If I didn't participate in Part 1 can I still sign up for Part 2?

Yes you can still sign up. You will be learning slightly more detailed exercises such as the Turkish Get Up, 1 Arm Swings, Hand 2 Hand Swings, Mobility, and building upon exercises we did in Part 1. You will have a chance to take Part 1 after Part 2 if you'd like to get started right away and not wait until the next Part 1.

How do I know if this Part 2 Beginner Series is right for me? 

This Live Workshop Series is Designed For the Following People:

1. **Never touched a kettlebell due to fear of doing it incorrectly and desperately needs detailed guidance.** (start with Part 1 if you are saying yes to this question)

2. Been doing Kettlebells on and off for years and would like to make sure each basic movement pattern is correct.

3. Went through a major change or had a previous injury and need to re-start Kettlebell training again very carefully with caution.

4. Have never worked with a coach and would like the opportunity to work with others and get real time feedback.

5. Needs accountability and connection with others while learning something completely new, especially during the lockdown. 

6. Kettlebell Fitness Instructors who wants to improve their own teaching methods for the beginners.

7. The person who struggles with accountability and will only show up to a teaching with an investment and a physical start time. Videos and online programs will always be there, but once the live class is done, it's done.  

8. To the kettlebell enthusiast who wants to clean up and hone in on their form and take it as deep as humanly possible. The basic lifts will be slowed down significantly, with a variety of techniques from my arsenal, to where no one is left behind. 

9. To the person who feels so out of shape and desperately needs a safe place to start. 

Who is this workshop NOT FOR?

1. This series is not designed for someone who isn't willing to participate by not having their live video set up on them during the workshop times.  If I can't see your whole body, I can't help you with feedback. There is no time for FEAR anymore. Many are scared out of their minds to have videos on them. Pretend that we are all in the same room. We will be doing some breakout sessions where you get to work with a partner. You are not ALONE! We have many different shape size bodies and each size is beautiful. This is for the person who is going to set their fears aside of caring what others think, be brave, to get to the next level.

2. Expects immediate results and wants a quick fix, without putting the work in. If you're the kind of person who thinks showing up one time is going to transform your body from the habits you've had all of your life, this is not the series for you. Habits are a life commitment otherwise you're wasting your time and my time. If you're not willing to dedicate and focus during our 6 30-45 minute sessions, which will change your training forever (if you stick with it), this is not the right path for you.

3. If you're unable to commit and show up to most of the 6 timed sessions. No refunds will be given as you will be taking someones spot. 

If this workshop sounds like just the kick in the pants you need to get going, now is the time to snag your spot. Remember I'm not opening this up to an unlimited amount of spots so I can get detailed with each and everyone of you. You will know each others name by the end of the 2 weeks. You may make some friends. Most of all you will have confidence in your basic beginning exercises. 
What Equipment do I need?

I highly recommend you have a minimum of 1 Kettlebell. If you're just getting started a 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, or 12kg is recommended depending on how strong you are. 
If you don't have access to a kettlebell now but are adamant of seizing this opportunity you can use a water jug, dumbbell, or body weight. It would be best to have a kettlebell due to the swing and clean exercise we will be covering in detail. 
A device that allows video on your Phone, ipad, laptop, Desktop. Test it out and find a place where you can move so I can see you ideally from head to toe during practice sessions. Get creative or you can find some cheap tripods or set it up to your ideal training space. 
We've had people training in their kitchens, hallways, bedrooms, backyards, drive ways, living rooms, garage. The more creative the better. Do what you need to do. 

I'M READY! I'd like to grab my spot before you fill up! When does it start? 

ENDS: May 15

DAYS AND TIMES: 2 Weeks Monday/Wednesday/Friday  10:30a.m. PT / 1:30 p.m. ET       Set 45 minutes aside for the 6 total sessions. Some sessions we will spend an extra 15 minutes on live Q&A's.

Invitations for each Zoom class will be inside this portal. Once you're in, if you have NOT given me a waiver in the past, please fill out the waiver, take a photo of the waiver, and email it back to me. 

PLAYGROUND MEMBERS DISCOUNT: Normally I offer a 15% discount for the Playground members. However with people hurting right now I am offering a 25% discount for all Playground members. Same code as the first workshop if you still have it handy. Please email me right away so I can give you your private discount code before the spots are taken. 

If you're not a member and would like to become a playground member, you can sign up here. Then you'll be eligible for the discount. 



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