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Top 3 Mistakes Personal Trainers Continue Make

I've dedicated close to half my life to teaching, coaching, or instructing others how to be a better version of themselves.  Looking back at the first 3-5 years of my training, I thought I new it all. As the years flew by I realized I knew less and less. It was a humbling experience indeed. Fast forward 15 years of working with many types of individuals, I now know that I made a lot of mistakes. The more I learn the less I know!  In fact, it's the students that were my taught me my greatest lessons of making up the teacher I have become.  My pregnancies, C-sections, broken bones and torn ACL that took me to the next level of a teacher. I had the opportunity to teach and watch grow, be my best teacher. After all, the best way to be a great teacher is to teach. Your students are your subjects and you get to apply all the techniques you learn from various sources of educational material. Over the years you get to discover what truly does work for the main population. The folks that come in that are not born athletes with body awareness, that may have no injuries are the ones that begin to challenge you. It's always easy coaching someone with no injury and perfect movement patterning. The true challenge is working with the desk jockey that may have arthritis in their knees and hips. They can barely lift their arms over their heads. As a "trainer" or coach, will you do be able to do for them.

The internet trainers out there that focus solely on distant or online coaching programs can be a good thing. But the ones with that don't have an ongoing clientele, should not pose as if they run a successful gym. Hiring a trainer that hasn't touched students on an on-going basis, is like hiring a surgeon that gives presentations about surgery, reads about surgical procedures, but doesn't actually perform surgery.  If you ask me, I would rather hire a surgeon that has been performing surgeries on a regular basis with success and a solid track record. As a trainer there is no right or wrong path to go down, just be honest of what you're trying to accomplish. For those who do see real bodies on a daily basis and get to APPLY the learned techniques and see how they stick over a period of time.

One Size Fits All Approach

Many trainers new to the industry begin researching every program written. Without fully understanding they why behind the entire design, the trainer begins to apply it to their student(s). 

Overly Sharing Your Personal Feats 

Biased Program Development

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