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Renew and Reset Kettlebell Workout Program

Exciting news!!!! In addition to the 5th Annual 21 Day Squat Challenge that starts in just 3 days... I have some very exciting news!

I am opening up registration to the popular Renew and Reset workout program to the public for one week only. You can snag it here! Own this program, download it, stream it from anywhere, before I close registration on January 5th. Take 25% off until January 1st with code: Reset25 Discount ends in 2 days!

Note: If you are a current member of Lauren's Playground, you will have full access to this program, this month right here! No need to purchase it! If you're planning on investing in yourself and you'd like to join Lauren's Playground, be sure you are on our newsletter here, so you don't miss when we open again in 2020!


Due to the popularity of the very first Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells, we are bringing back the old school format with a new workout feel. Now is the time to clear the cobwebs, grab lighter kettlebells just get moving and sweating. This is the perfect Renew and Reset program to start off the new decade. I recommend doing this along with the free 21 Day Squat Challenge.

Once purchased you will receive unlimited access to a

  • Follow Along Warm Up Video 

  • 5 - Renew and Reset Workout Videos (under 10 minutes each) for faster downloading or streaming. 

  • Downloadable PDF Rotation Plan showing the most effective ways to use the Renew & Reset Workouts

  • Renew and Reset Downloadable PDF with a written format for those who like to go at their own pace.

  • Registration is only open to the public for one week. This is available for free this month for all current members of Lauren's Playground.


    Inside the program you will find a several ways to use these workout sections. Whether it's all at once or broken up in to two or three sections at a time, you will understand why kettlebell training became so popular and how effective it is.

    Now let's get to the heart pounding, body sculpting and conditioning workouts!



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