Kettlebell Sport (Soft style) versus Hard Style Kettlebell Training

I had the honor of filming some awesome stuff with Brittany from More info on that soon which will be coming to Lauren's Playground... 😉 However, while we were waiting for a loud truck to leave we decided to film this last minute. We both agreed it would be important to show the differences between the two main kinds of kettlebell styles out there. I personally use hard style due to the power aspect of it and its efficiency in taking care of business in a short amount of time, which is primarily done in all my DVD's and Streaming videos.
But make sure to read Brittany’s description below.

Brittany wrote a beautiful description on the differences as well as demonstrates the KB Sport style with finesse and grace. Read her description below.


featuring and written world champion in Kettlebell Sport  Brittany Van Schravendijk

Both of these styles have their place.

What is the goal of training?

KB SPORT: efficiency and strength-endurance

HARDSTYLE: speed and power

What are the technical differences?

KB SPORT: pendulum swing, corkscrew drop, bell handle rests diagonally across palm in overhead position, balance of tension and relaxation, thumb can be forward OR back in the backswing, torso rotates in backswing

HARDSTYLE: hinge swing, over the top drop, bell handle rests horizontally across palm in overhead position, total body tension, thumb turned back in backswing, minimal torso rotation in backswing

How much volume in a typical training?

KB SPORT: hundreds of repetitions with light to medium weight kettlebell

HARDSTYLE: tens of repetitions with medium to heavy weight kettlebell

What type of breathing is used?

KB SPORT: anatomical breathing, meaning you use breath to pressurize the abdominal cavity, and also to relax for maximal efficiency

HARDSTYLE: biomechanical breathing, meaning you use breath to create high tension for maximal strength and power

What type of kettlebell is used?

KB SPORT: competition style kettlebell

HARDSTYLE: cast iron or powder coat kettlebell *Preferably @kettlebellkings in both cases 😉

Which style is better?

Totally depends on your training goal and your personal preference!”

Hope this helps you when deciding on what kind of kettlebell style to choose. You can also do both! As you can see it depends on your goals! 

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