My 70 Year Old Dad Starting a Fitness Program

Last week my dad, who lives several hours away, called me to tell me he was not happy with the way his body looked and wanted to get back into shape. With a very earnest tone he asked me if I can be his fitness coach and create a program for him. He was ready to become strong and lose the few extra pounds he had put on over the year. Initially I was in a bit of  shock.  If you've ever met my dad, he's usually not the one calling people for advice, especially his own daughter. Without hesitation I agreed. There were some circumstances though. I don't want to give too much away right now, but let me give you a wee background of who he is.

My dad is 70 years old, born and raised in England. He still works harder than most people I know. He commutes over an hour each way between home and his downtown LA law office.  If you're an attorney. you probably understand the demands of what it takes to have this type of career. It can be downright draining and stressful for anyone at any age, much less a 70 year old. 

On top of his 50 plus hour taxing work week, my father is studying Mandarin Chinese. He started last April, and studies an hour every weekday after work, and two hours each on Saturday and Sunday. The one thing missing in his life is a regular fitness routine. 

Due to his current schedule, we started his first week off with using the stairs in his office building. Since he has just started, he is doing between 600 to 800 stairs in about a 10 minute slot. He doesn't bother to change into workout clothes. He says he’s just walking up and down stairs! So he does it in his business suit (sans jacket and tie). 

Every evening he checks in with me to tell me how it went. As of now he's been loving the stairs and tells me that he's ready for more! The next addition to his new movement routine is adding the squat challenge. 

One thing I've learned from coaching people over the last 18 years, is that slowly building-in new habits, works for long term success. When people ask me to overhaul their life and insist I create monumental changes;  the famous all or nothing approach; they often only stick to their die hard program temporarily. Although I appreciate the motivation with the "all or nothing" mentality, it's very short lived. 

Below is a video of my dad doing his first day of the squat challenge. Since then he's sent me quite a few more videos and his form continues to improve for each one.

The next step: He's currently working on a food journal that he will submit to me over the next few days. Our next step is to make a small change in this department. 

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