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Never Too Old To Start Strength Training

Did you realize that all of the excuses of being too old to lift and get strong is really a bunch of bull crap? When I hear from people that they're too old to learn how to do a pull-up or lift a heavy weight, I cringe inside. I just want to shake them up a bit and find out where they got this hogwash information from. Why do people tell themselves these false stories? Being too old to get strong is the furthest from the truth.

If you're one of those science geeks that needs a study for everything, here you go! Below is a study showing you that even 90 year olds have shown major benefits from strength training. The interesting part is I hear women who are going in to their 40's tell me how hard it is to get strong.

Please don't confuse this post with not having sympathy for women going through major hormonal changes. When women are pre-menopausal or going through menopause, I understand this can be a very brutal time in a woman's life. Dealing with hormone changes does change the game, but don't stop strength training! As men age their T levels can drop significantly, all the more reason to add STRENGTH in to your life. In fact you need it more than ever!

If you're younger than 90 you have ZERO excuses. I don't want to hear that you're too old for strength training and you're better off just stretching. Although stretching and staying mobile is the bomb for all people, don't forget that if you DON'T strength train, you're basically okay with losing muscle mass every year.  Why would you want allow that to happen? Just why?

Study on 90-year-olds reveals the benefits of strength training

This 12 week specific training study was published in the journal of Age of the American Aging Association and which was led by Mikel Izquierdo-Redín, Professor of Physiotherapy at the NUP/UPNA-Public University of Navarre.

24 people between the ages of 91 and 96 participated in this study for 12 weeks. Half were in the control group and the other half were in the experimental group. The experimental group trained for 2 days per week with strength training and balance improving exercises. 

Here's the cool part. Not only did they increase their balance, muscle power and muscle mass, from a neuromuscular stand point their functional capacity increased and their risk of falling decreased. Can we say strength training is a winner for all ages? Amen!

Increased Muscle Mass using mainly Kettlebell type training 

Here's a testimony from a distant kettlebell student of mine.

I just got a call from my radiologist that my resent mammogram looks nothing like the one from almost 4 years ago. They asked if I had much weight loss between dates.  I noticed that I have lost maybe 10lbs and maintained since. But I said the biggest difference is the lifting and kettlebells!  Its the body composition change!   More push ups and presses!  And eating healthier too!    We shall see of the doc agrees.   Lots of factors of change in a good way!

Now over 40 they say I have more muscle then at 37 in my chest!

Thanks for all the workouts I love to follow!   Kettlebells change a lot of things, not just body but energy and love of a healthy life!

A. Mahar


Get your butt in gear and start training. Baby steps! For questions on how to get started email me here

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