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The Essentials Workshop - Kettlebell Training, Body weight training and MELT Method.

"My experience was nothing short of amazing! I’ve been following you for several years and worked with you in distant sessions, so there was NO WAY I was going to miss the opportunity to meet and learn from you in person.

I am constantly amazed and impressed at how genuine you are and the amount of knowledge and experience you are so willing to share. Even though it was a long, packed day, I came away energized and with so many immediately applicable tips, cues, corrections and information. I even had a few “a-ha” moments with my own technique. There is nothing like having the eyes of a master on you to raise the level of your own skill.

You have been hugely instrumental in my growth as a kettlebell enthusiast all the way through now to being a Kettlebell coach. It was an honor and dream for me to get to share space with you. Denice and Beth can attest to that as I didn’t stop talking about it all weekend :-)

All in all, that honestly was one of the highlights of my entire life. I look forward to the day I get to work with you again.

With many thanks and all my respect and admiration,"



Lauren will teach you how to take care of your body with the key foundation kettlebell and body weight exercises she personally uses, for herself and students, of all ages/fitness levels.

Spend a day, in a safe and welcoming environment, learning the ins and outs of the most efficient and effective, no fluff, kettlebell and bodyweight exercises.

Learn the most cutting edge and results driven techniques to practice with optimal form.

Receive a take home manual only available to workshop attendants. 

Refine your own techniques and leave with your form improved.

Learn the common mistakes within each exercise. 

Learn how to correct common mistakes whether for yourself or for your most uncoordinated student.

Discover the most appropriate progressions and modifications that are simple and down right work. 

Learn appropriate progressions and modifications for each fundamental exercise we cover.

Be prepared to take some notes.

Discuss various program designs for an individual or a group. 

 Learn how to take care of your connective tissue and become your own hands off body worker. You will have the power to increase your grip strength in minutes, more rooting in your feet for balance and strength, and faster recovery with simple global techniques of MELT Soft roller, Hand & Foot treatments. 

MELT has been known to help and not limited to the following issues:

- Plantar fasciitis
- Headaches
- Stiff neck
- Insomnia
- Shoulder pain
- Back pain
- Hip instability
- Balance 
- Mobility restrictions
- Limited range of motion
- Arthritis
- Pain in hands and feet
- Midback pain and stiffness
- Stiff ankles

Spend time with other like minded people who have the same goal in mind while having FUN!


If you want Lauren to come to your area please contact her here to set up a 1 or 2 day event. 

Receive a Certificate of Completion 

Date: November 11th, 2017

Where: Encinitas (North San Diego area) - Exact address will be given after registration

Time: 10:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. 

More details will be added in this course group. 


Lauren's Playground or Winner Circle Member Early Bird: $339 
ask for code by emailing here 
Non-member Early Bird Price: $399
Non-member After Oct 25th Price: $499 (if there are spots left)

Playground and Winner Circle Member Discount - Code/Link in given in the group. If you want to become a member it's not too late. Here's the link to join. Basically it pays for itself with the discount for a couple of months. 

Member Price After Oct 25th: $425

*Unfortunately we will not be able to offer transfers or refunds for this event due to limited spots.

Some of the exercises covered but not limited to this list are...

Kettlebell Deadlifts
Single Leg Deadlifts and variations
Kettlebell Swings and variations
Kettlebell Cleans
Goblet Squats
Safe Lunge Variations
Floor Press
Rows and variations
Push-ups and variations
Get Ups and variations
Snatch/High Pull
MELT Hand & Foot techniques
Balance drills for optimal rooting 
Muscle Activation drills 
Mobility and openers.

Note: we will not spend half of the day on one exercise. After working with almost every body type and type of learner for the past 19 years, we will cover only the most effective ways to hone your skills in the above exercises. If you have a limitation or an injury we will cover modifications and the best path for you. Most of your students and friends come with a history of limitations or exercises that are harmful or just not necessary. It doesn't make you or your student a bad person if you are unable to press weight over head properly. At least 25% of the people I've seen have no business going over head with heavy weight. There are plenty of ways to work on moving in that direction while practicing other skills. We will discuss the optimal path for these individuals. 

This workshop is open to all fitness levels, including instructors or instructors in training who want to sharpen their coaching skills and put only the necessary tools in their toolbox. 


"Lauren, thanks again for the opportunity to train and meet other ladies with the love of kettlebell!! 

I loved that the workshop was paired off and I got to work with different people through out the day.  It was also an opportunity to meet and talk and see how different bodies work.  They were our mirrors for the day!

The essentials are basic, but much needed to have a grounded foundation with all the different exercises.  

Also, loved how you kept MELT in the background.  I am still feeling the benefits of doing this 3 times a week!  No more achy legs for me!

Thanks again!  God bless!"

❤ A. Mahar

"I can't thank you enough for coming across the country to meet with your students on the East Coast. It was so incredible to spend a full day learning from you! Your knowledge of kettlebells and understanding of body movements is amazing and I was so impressed with your ability to assess things so quickly and offer feedback that could be incorporated effortlessly with immediate improvements. You definitely have a gift, which I already knew from all of our phone consults, but to see you working in your element was very special. It was so nice to spend the day with people that have the same interest and to finally put the faces and names together. We live thousands of miles away from you and this past weekend would not have been possible if you weren't willing to share a bit of yourself with all of us. Thank you so much for being you"

P. Reagan

"I really enjoyed the workshop. You really made it a welcoming environment and suitable for all body types and skill levels. I like how you incorporated some teaching tips, as it gave a new spin on movements that would have been "review" for many of us. Learning the half-snatch was very cool, and I also appreciated seeing the modified DL in person as it doesn't come across quite as clearly on video. I loved the MELT movements, too! I'm noticing some changes in my flexibility already, and I'm surprised that it's made me feel looser in areas of my neck that I didn't even notice were there before."

H. Lapidus

"After attending the NC workshop, I have to say if I had the money and was not injured, I would come to CA to attend it again! I hope you do one next year again (on the east coast)! You are the best Lauren Brooks! This workshop far exceeded my expectations!

The workshop was amazing! Not only did I learn from you, I also learned from all the other participants. It was a true collaboration under your leadership. Even though I have been using kettlebells for years, I learned so much in just a few hours. I will definitely come to another workshop in the future!"

L. Brodie

"First off I want to extend a big big thank you for coming all the way to my neck of the woods to train us east coasters. :) Attending one of your workshops and learning from you personally has been on my bucket list for a very long time. The workshop was everything I wanted and more. I have been using your videos for about 7 years now (and the playground for several months now- which I LOVE) and I have always wanted to have you check my form in person to be sure I am getting the most out of my workouts. Honestly, recently due to a lot of stress I haven't been prioritizing my self care and the last few months are the first time in a very long time that I have not been training much at all. Ever since I found your videos years ago, I have been passionate about using and exploring kettlebells. Having fallen off of my training, I came to the workshop humbled and excited to learn from the perspective of a beginner. I learned so much from your workshop and my excitement and passion for training is refueled- which is HUGE! I am so excited, in particular, to get back to Single Leg Deadlifts. I learned I have been doing them wrong for years now and I can't wait to see the results of doing them correctly! Lol. Thank you so much for doing the work you do. You are super inspiring and your work has been a huge part of my personal development. :)

S. Gold


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