The Boring Unsexy Training That Works!

My workouts are considered very boring by many. They're not sexy at all. Just straight up simple and many times the same exercises, when I'm working towards a GOAL! If your goal is to be stronger in a certain movement you need to practice A LOT! You also need to know how to PACE yourself and not over do it.

Our Central Nervous System is very fragile, especially in this day and age. Most people I meet are complete stress cases unless they take time out of their day for self care and listen to their body. I believe in working hard, but I'm also a believer in working SMART!

Todays session was simple. I did a MELT Hand and Foot treatment to rehydrate my connective tissue and create stronger rooting mechanisms with my feet to the floor and a stronger grip with my hands. I did a light mobility movement flow to calmly wake up my body.

Then I was able to knock out 10 reps of holding 70lbs in front of my body. I'm only 115lbs so this did not come easily for me. I remember when I could barely do 3 reps in a row. Then I went to the pull up bar after some breathing and mobility and knocked out 8 strict chin OVER the bar, shoulders away from my ears, traps relaxed, pull ups (palms away from my face and a thumbless grip). I did this for 3 sets.

If you're a guy you may want to stop reading now. The girl time of the month is here and ladies let me tell you. It's REAL! When you're losing a ton of blood our bodies have to work harder to function. It's easier to get light headed. I even faint when someone draws blood out of my arm. LOL! (not really that funny, but unfortunately it's true and many do).

My point in sharing the blood loss, is you have to SLOW your roll. If you want to achieve a certain number of squats at a certain amount of weight, make sure you take enough rest, drink water during your breaks, so you can show up recovered. If your workouts are considered BORING, but then you can perform and EASILY pull up a set of heavyish squats or pull ups with no strain, in a calm way, your workouts are WORKING!

When something is working and I'm achieving my goals, personally that's not boring. Want to know what's boring? "Exercising" without working on a specific skill just to burn calories. There's a time and place to exercise to burn calories. But why not try and get better at jump rope? Or work on increasing your sprint time. You'll burn calories as a by product, but you're goals will be so much more measurable and meaningful that you may stop focusing on what the scale says and be stoked on how much better you're getting. Then by showing up to your TRAINING you'll get the confidence boost that you need while getting to your goals. This is how we do a lot of our training at Lauren's Playground.

By the way, if you're interested in learning more about MELT Hand and Foot treatments read my thoughts on the post below. I'm also hosting an quick intro workshop for my local Southern California students. Sign up if you want to learn more about this simple self-treatment that helps erase pain and stiffness so you can get to your goals easier.

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You can also purchase a kit or the entire system through the MELT STORE if you're not local and enjoy learning from a book or a video. I will be opening up some Skype sessions again in the next 2 weeks if you'd like to learn with me. Email me to be the first to find out at

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