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21 Day Get Up Challenge - New Challenge

Due to popular demand and great success with the last challenge, I present you the Get Up Challenge. If you are interested in checking out any of our other popular challenges visit the Lauren Brooks Challenge tab to view all of our free challenges. 

SUGGESTIONS: (read the above image) then 

1. Pick the appropriate progression for you. 

Beginners: Half Get Up or Bodyweight Get Up
Intermediate/Advanced: Light weight to start the challenge.

2. Ease your way in to the challenge. Each day you are asked to perform 5 reps each side. This can be done in several ways.

          Option 1. Spread your reps throughout the day
          Option 2. Keep your reps closer together and sneak them in your warm up and in your pre-workout sections.
          Option 3. Get them all done at once.

NOTE: never let your quality go down. Spread them out or use the appropriate weight to keep the form impeccable.  

3.  Make sure to watch the videos below to choose the best Get Up option and lesson to ensure proper form and technique. 

Get Up Video Play List will also teach you the proper steps on achieving a solid and SAFE Get Up

Get Up Styles and Variations to choose from that work best for YOUR LEVEL AND BODY TYPE

Get Up to the Tall Sit (recommended for beginners)

Full Get Up (Traditional Turkish Get Up)
Part 1 - 4

Get Up for "Shoulder/Thoracic Mobility Restrictions"

Modified Get Up (great for sensitive knees)

No Hand Get Up

Hashtag #GetUpFor21days so we can find you every time you share with us that you did your Get Ups. Post descriptions, photos, and/or videos!

You can also ask to join our free Lauren Brooks Fitness Challenge group right here where we have 1700+ people doing the challenges with you!

On a personal note you can achieve a very strong Get Up when you put your mind to it. Weighing between 112lbs to 116lbs I was able to use the 24kg (53lb) and 28kg (62lb) with ease. I tell you this not to brag, but to show you what is possible. Videos below. Form is a bit different from the Get Up from 9 years ago.



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