Kettlebell TOWEL Swing

Kettlebell Towel Swing

This is the absolute BEST exercise to practice to help you with the Kettlebell Swing. Practice this after the hip hinge and Dead Lift exercise. Watch your Kettlebell Swing improve dramatically with this exercise. Let me know how you do!

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Brendan said...

Thanks for the video Lauren, I'm going to try it to see if it helps improve my grip strength.

Kathryn McKade said...

Wow, what a great exercise! Thanks so much for sharing it. I could tell my form for swings has been slipping lately, and this exercise put me back on the right track immediately. You're the best! :)

US Crossfit Club said...

Great video and I can see why you are the kettlebell queen. Keep on putting out the great exercises and helping people reach their goals.