The Beneficial Relationship Between Cancer and Exercise

Here is a guest post from Melanie Bowen, an author for the Mesothelia Cancer blog.  Most people in their life will witness a family member or friend with cancer.  I was very open to having this piece on my blog.  Please feel free to leave a comment below.  Would love your feedback or your stories with this topic.  

The Beneficial Relationship Between Cancer and Exercise
by Melanie Bowen

Rather than feel victimized, cancer patients are often encouraged to concentrate on ways they can aide their own recoveries.  Doctors realize that people who are newly diagnosed with cancer may be tempted to dwell on their uncertain fates and the months of treatments that await them.  However, isolating themselves and focusing solely on this uncertainty can be detrimental.  Today’s cancer patients are advised by their doctors to take charge of their physical conditions and to assist in their fight against this disease.

Fighting cancer typically involves a combination of mental preparedness and physical commitment.  As some authoritative sources have pointed out, mental toughness alone often cannot win the battle.  People must resolve to improve their physical endurance if they want to beat cancer and enjoy lengthy, if not permanent, remissions.  Even if they have never before exercised, patients are told to commit to some type of exercise regimen that they can complete every day.  Regular and continued exercising can be the key to beating cancer and keeping it at bay.

Even so, many people might wonder what kinds of exercise are ideal for cancer patients.  Many people, because of their treatments, may have limited physical reserves and be unable to exert themselves.  Doctors often suggest walking as a way to get regular exercise.  Walking is appreciated as a low impact activity that provides many of the benefits of higher impact exercises.  Even people who suffer the worst side effects from radiation, chemotherapy, or surgery can walk small distances in a bid to improve their physical wellness.  

People with more stamina and mobility may enjoy more intense workouts than those who were not previously active. Whichever level you are beginning at, it is important to talk to your doctor to develop an appropriate plan for your diagnosis and current condition. No matter how short the sessions may be, every little bit can help. Even a short walk around the block can help increase circulation, strengthen muscles and release endorphins to improve the mood.

Many cancer patients do not realize that dwelling on their treatments for mesothelioma and other conditions can negatively impact their lives.  They may not be aware that this worry limits their objectivity when focusing on their long-term prognoses.  Taking charge of their health by committing to daily exercise can greatly improve their moods and benefit their overall quality of life.  Exercising may be the last thing on their minds after they are diagnosed.  However, exercise may be key in their recoveries.

I can tell you first hand that exercising on a regular basis can go a long way. My grandmother was not an active person before her liver cancer diagnosis, and was truthfully over weight. She began walking and even lifting very light weights not long after her diagnosis. Although she ended up succumbing to the disease, within a few months we saw a huge change in her outlook along with a boost in her energy. It was evident that even a little bit of physical activity allowed her to enjoy her last few months with a far more positive attitude and energy for life.


Ness said...

Quite enlightening. There are just so many benefits to regular exercise!

maggie said...

great article.Been there myself.I was a regular gym bunny until cancer slowed me down.But, the day i got back in thr gym was the day I knew I was back in control

jeroen said...

Really nice,

It's true! If you can focus on different things you feel much healtier. For example Lance Armstrong,he survived cancer too. His only goal was his sport. I believe this exercise works for you.

Fredda Branyon said...

Appreciate this wonderful blog. Me and Dr Fredda Branyon appreciates this so much. Keep sharing!

HCG Diet@HCGWarrior said...

Great post. Exercise will give you many many benefits to live healthy. Thanks for sharing this important post here with us.