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Kettlebells For Women: Workouts For Your STRONG, SCULPTED & SEXY Body

That's right ladies!  Strong, Sculpted & Sexy is just what will happen when using kettlebells the right way with a properly designed program.  This book will guide, teach, and show you how, when, and why we use kettlebells.  It will also explain why most females do not need to be using tiny, fluffy weights.  Women are astounding themselves on a daily basis with the strength and conditioning they are developing from the proper exercises designed in a safe program.  My clients, friends, colleagues are over the moon with the results.

At the present moment I have never had any cosmetic surgery.  I'm not saying there is anything wrong with it and that's a personal choice that is none of my business.  But I don't want to give people a false sense of reality so I have accepted my flaws.  It's more real when you are trying to aspire to a real person with natural imperfections.  This is not a fake photo of a young girl who has had plastic surgery from head to toe and has never gone through the struggles of pregnancy and C-sections.   This is a photo from a working woman in her early 30's with 2 small children and a business to take care of.  This is a photo of a woman who eats healthy, enjoys a treat from time to time, and doesn't spend more than an average of 20 minutes a day "exercising".  This is a photo of a woman who doesn't do any traditional cardio.  That's right I don't have time nor enjoy doing it on a regular basis.  Implementing effective workouts, focusing on primary movements patterns with sufficient load, and mixing it up with quick interval training is what makes it possible for me to have a balanced life without having to live inside a gym.  Actually I don't even remember the last time I stepped inside a gym.

The  reasons I mentioned above are why kettlebells are sweeping across the world and becoming one of the most popular tools to add to any persons workout regimen.  As long as we continue to respect our bodies and learn the proper technique from a skilled and reputable teacher, then this form of exercise will continue to sky rocket with popularity.  The most incredible transformations have been seen with people switching to real life workouts that don't require a gym.  I have received thousands of emails from all types of people including women, men, athletes, new moms, executive workers, sedentary individuals, teenagers, and fitness enthusiasts boasting about the life changes that kettlebells brought them.


The Ultimate Strong, Sexy and Sculpted 12 Week Kettlebell Program

Level One: Kettlebell Foundation and Fat Loss (Month 1,Weeks 1-4)
Level Two: Strength and Fat-Burning (Month 2, Weeks 5-8)
Level Three: Powerhouse Strength and Conditioning (Month 3, Weeks 9-12)
15 Workouts in this program filled with beginner, intermediate, and advanced options
- 3 Bonus Mini Metabolic Booster Workout 
Charts to tell you exactly which workouts to do and when.
3 Different Warm-ups for each Level.

Over 100 Exercise Variations 

Clear step by step instruction with over 300 pictures
Kettlebell Exercises for ALL levels
Body Weight progressions for beginners
 Dynamic Warm up exercises
Joint Mobility and Cool Down exercises

Nutrition For Optimal Health and Fat Loss 

Let me just clarify that this is a kettlebell book and not a nutrition book.  However, I found it essential to include at least a small portion of nutrition for optimal health and fat loss.  In this section I don't beat around the bush and bore you with what a macronutrient is and how many calories is in a pound of fat.  If you want to know those details you can google it or pick up a conventional nutrition book that tells you how to eat by the so called healthy food guide pyramid.  I tell you a clear, simple approach to food.  I tell you why you can exercise until you are blue in the face and not lose a single pound. There is nothing magical or complicated with the tips that I provide.  You will find a sample meal plan for omnivores and strict vegetarians. 

Kettlebell Questions, Safety and Size Recommendations are thoroughly discussed in the book. 

If you have no interest in getting stronger and leaner then this book is definitely not for you.  You would be much better off taking an aerobics class at your local gym or spending countless hours on cardio machines.

This book is for those who want to see results such as

- Burning fat and increasing lean muscle mass
- Enhancing balance, coordination and flexibility
- Increasing and developing rock-hard core stability
- Improving sports performance
- Shaping legs, back and shoulders
- Firming and lifting glutes
- All over strong, sexy and sculpted body from head to toe

This book is a great resource for those who work out on their own and enjoy having a variety of exercises, modifications and clear precise instruction at their finger tips.

NOW Shipping!

We have an amazing offer that will not last.

Pre-order your copy now from the On The Edge Fitness website and you will receive 20% off the retail price of this book plus you can request to receive an autographed copy, only if you note it in the comments or special instructions section.   This offer is only valid upon purchasing it from the On The Edge Fitness website or through the link below.    


If you add any DVD to your book order you will receive $10 back on your investment.  Since we haven't figured out how to make our store automatically apply the refund, we personally will be refunding you the $10 after you have placed the order.  Please be patient with us and give us at least 1 business day, since we will be doing this manually.  


Note to Gentlemen:
If you order this book for yourself, you don't have to lie and say it's for your girlfriend, mom, wife, aunt or sister.  Believe it or not men can and will benefit from this book.  Plenty of wives email me telling me how their husbands use my DVD's and have never felt better.  It's really okay!  Most women agree that a true man has nothing to prove.   The publishing company asked me to write this book for women, which I did, but in all honesty if you know about kettlebells and know anything about my philosophy and program design, these workouts can easily be for both sexes.  If you want a program to make your muscles bloated like a body builder, then sorry you will not get those results from this workout.  You will get strong, sculpted, lean and sexy when using the appropriate size kettlebells!  

Kettlebells shown on the front cover and in the book are provided by Dragon Door.  I am holding a pair of 16kg's kettlebells which equal to roughly 70lb's.   You can purchase your kettlebell(s) right here where they offer a 1 year 100% money back guarantee.

RKC CLassic Kettlebells

Thank you for your interest in our cutting edge fitness programs and information.

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Jennifer said…
So excited! I'm pre-ordering and getting the Lightning DVD, too :).
Anonymous said…
Lauren, I am so looking forward to your book. I already know it is going to be awesome, just as you are! I am particularly interested in the nutrition information. Lauren (if it is not covered in the book) I would love to know how much protein you eat per day (as a strength training lady who eats mostly vegan). How much protein do you recommend? Thank you so much!
Marci A. said…
Looks awesome! I was wondering if you were going to do an electronic version for Kindle or other e-reader?
Lauren Brooks said…
Jennifer, Thank you!! I'm glad you are excited so am I. Look forward to hearing your feedback. Enjoy!
Lauren Brooks said…
Marci, Thank you! Amazon will be offering a kindle or ebook option when the book is released. Since this is not self published I will not be in charge of any of the electronic versions of this book.
Kelli said…
I might wait for the kindle edition, but that $10 off any DVD sure is tempting. Can the Lightning DVD be modified for a beginner? I have the first two DVDs. I have trouble being consistent because I have chronic fatigue, but if I could just look at it as a 20 minute investment like you are saying, maybe I can make myself get up and do it. I have about 70 pounds to lose. I sooo want your book, but I sooo don't want it lying on my bedside table for my husband to see!
Terri said…
So happy for you Lauren! I will be recommending your book
As I have done with all of your DVDs to everyone I know.

Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
Rosey said…
Kbells are also my favorite exercise tool! Lauren,how many workout dvd's do you have and can they be purchased in stores?
workout mommy said…
looks awesome Lauren!! :)
Coach Rollie said…
Should be good! Let me know if you would like me to do a review on it.

Coach Rollie
Fat Burning Workouts
Iris said…
Lauren, do you have any idea what body fat % you have in that picture (on the cover)? Your picture exactly defines my goal and it would be nice to have a number!
Thank you, I am so looking forward to your book :-)
Lauren Brooks said…
Sorry I am so late in responding to all of your responses. Let me start with Anonymous. Anon, I don't calculate how much protein I eat per day since it's so different by day. If I practice strength training that day I will most likely add a Raw Sprouted Brown Rice Protein shake to my day. Otherwise if I don't practice any heavy lifting and just walk or do yoga, I will eat mostly plant based with maybe 1 egg throughout the day. I'm not a big believer in eating loading up on protein since it's in everything if you eat enough vegetables, seeds, small amounts of animal or plant based proteins. I know that's vague but it really all depends on the person.

Terri, thank you! The books should be shipped at the end of the month. Hope you enjoy the workout program laid out in the book.

Rosey, I have 6 DVD's out. You can purchase all of them through my website online or at various distributors online. We have quite a few distributors so it's not hard to find the DVDs. They are not a retail item and you can only find them online.

Workout Mommy, thank you!! I hope you are doing well with your little one!

Thank you Coach Rollie!

Iris, I haven't had my bf% tested in awhile. Last time I had it tested was with hydrostatic weighing and it was 18%. I think it was closer to 19 or 20% in that picture since I've been having some minor hormonal issues that are effecting my normal metabolism. I appreciate your kind words. Good luck and I wish you much success!
Steph said…
Is your book available for purchase in bookstores in western Canada? (To buy from the website, the shipping costs more than the book)
Steph said…
Is your book available in bookstores in Western Canada? (Online, the cost to ship is more than the book)
Lauren Brooks said…
Steph, We ship all over the world including Canada. However, I believe there is a website similar to Canada that carries the book. A few Canadians have let me know, but I don't remember the site. Hope you find it!
Mindy said…
I preordered the book from Amazon--wish I would have seen this offer first! But the book is awesome so far. I love the short, effective workouts!

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