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Quick Fat Burning Kettlebell Workout Video

Try this fat burning kettlebell workout. It's a circuit with 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest. You can do this anywhere from 1-5 rounds depending on your fitness level. All you need is 1 Kettlebell and a chair or box. It will take anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes depending on how many sets you do. Enjoy!

To view a larger version on youtube click here


Anonymous said…
This was a quick and fun workout! Thank you for posting videos of complete workouts! I would love to see more of these in the time to come...:)

Best regards, all the way from Europe..
Anonymous said…
Looking forward to doing this workout, looks awesome!! Thanks Lauren for posting a workout like this!! Thanks - Joyel out in Fayetteville, NC.
Lauren Brooks said…
You both are welcome. I just may have to put more of these out, if I continue to get a great response like this and people appreciate it. 8-)
Meghan said…
This is awesome, I would try it out now but I am preggers so I'll be sticking with my copy of Baby Bells for now. I will definitely try this out next year post-baby!
g. said…
great workout! i'm really feeling it in my glutes today. please keep posting more, i love changing up my workouts! thanks!!
Chasey said…
Still have to purchase my Kettlebell and then start your workout via your DVD!(Which I already purchased).And can't wait to try out this workout as well!Thanks so much for being such an amazing role model who has two young children, for a Mom with two young children!(Mine are 4yrs & 9yrs).I'm 45yrs and look forward to re-shaping my body via kettlebells!
You are one AMAZING LADY and MAMA!

*Chasey in Okotoks,Alberta,Canada
karyn said…
I just did this workout x 4. I'll have to try for 5 in a row next time. Love it!!!! Keep them coming.
Lori said…
Can't wait to try it out tomorrow! Keep them coming! You're amazing.

Lori (mama to 6) in Maryland
Jen said…
Thanks so much for posting this, Lauren! These are great while we're waiting for your new DVD :).
tnthudson said…
Very cool, Lauren, thanks for another great, quick workout, it looks hard! I think I may jot the exercises down and try it out...if it's as tough as your Body Sculpt workout I'm in for a treat.
Thanks again, and my vote is for more of these great, quick videos!
Anonymous said…
I just did this twice thru. The squats and turkish were too hard LOL, so the 2nd time thru I subbed squats and ab work. Thank you!

Pensguys said…
Can't wait to try this!!! Looks great!
Anonymous said…
Hi Lauren,
I just found and tried this workout yesterday, and I have to say it was really fun! I appreciated that it was challenging but not so hard that it wiped me out for the rest of the day. The time went by so quickly I wanted to add a 6th circuit, but I soon realized my muscles had already had enough work : ).

I've been doing workouts of just over 600 swings and this one got me in touch with muscles the swings I guess just don't really get to.

It also got my heart rate up nicely... reminded me how much I like circuit training. Thanks! Keep 'em coming!

karyn said…
I just opened up this workout and the Thanksgiving Kettlebell workout (from Nov. 09) and alternated them back and forth until I could do no more!! Super great workout, Thanks for posting these!

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