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Chloe's 7 Month birthday and postpartum update

Chloe is now 7 months and getting close to crawling. She is giggling all the time, singing, laughing, and having fun with her big sister. I am still exclusively breast feeding Chloe, which as you can see by her pictures, she is well fed! Lyla is surprising me everyday with her new words. It's unbelievable watching these 2 girls grow up. Nothing is more fascinating to me then to see my own children grow and become little people.

Chloe is finally sleeping through the night, although I'm afraid to say this because as soon as I tell someone that, the next night she wakes up! But it might be safe to say it. With getting a little more sleep things are starting to look clearer to me. It's amazing how just a couple nights of sleep can actually give you a whole new outlook on life. My energy is so much better all around. Which is perfect timing since I have a very important project I am working on.

As far as my postpartum recovery goes, I would say I'm feeling awesome most of the time. The only issues I have been dealing with are some digestive problems. Ever since this last pregnancy it doesn't matter what I eat, I have been suffering from abdominal distention. I could look great one minute and the next thing I know I'm looking 5 months pregnant. I eliminated dairy, wheat, soy, certain fruits, and veggies and it still has not gone away completely. I've been doing a bit of research on how pregnancy and multiple surgeries can actually cause IBS. After doing everything I can, I finally went to a GI doctor. So it looks like I now have "IBS". I can keep it under control with VERY small portion sizes, lots of fennel, ginger, and peppermint tea, along with keeping my stress down. The probiotics I've been taking have also seemed to help. (On a side note, I had to be on a very strong course of antibiotics and it left me with a gut full of no good bacteria and Candida symptoms. Since then the bloating only got to be much worse. So these probiotics not only helped my stomach feel better, my eyes stopped itching, the cramping went away, and I had more energy ). Stress so far seems to be one of the biggest culprits that trigger a flare up. So I just need to remind myself to breathe and take a moment. Then things seem to settle. I often need to read my post "Just Stop and Smell the Flowers" to relax.

At the moment all my workouts are with my kettlebell class. We have been having so much fun adding some TRX exercises with some intense kettlebell work. It's been nice working out with the class so I can feel the pain they are going through. 8-)

Well I wanted to keep my next project a surprise. BUT I am too excited! I'm currently getting ready to film my next kettlebell DVD. I hope for this one to be even better than the first one!! More details to come...


icebergslim said…

I just had abdominal surgery, the second one and your symptoms are very much like mine. I have been watching what I eat like a hawk, but I think I may have to see a specialist as you had to. I can look great one minute and bloated the next. The one thing is that after the surgery, I have been losing about 1/2 lb a day. I am still in the recovery phase and walking everyday. Thanks for this post and I will view my choices after my 6 week check up.
Evelyn said…
Cannot wait for your next DVD! Still love the first one and workout with regularly!!
Anonymous said…
I pray you will feel better, Lauren. I've heard good things about ginger as well as a lot of the other remedies you mentioned. Like you said, "stop and smell the flowers" whenever necessary.

So excited that the new DVD is in the works! I'm also still using your first one. It's amazing how much my kettlebell weights have increased since the beginning of the year; I love buying new ones--they are my allowed "vices" in this dismal economy. A 20 kg bell was my last purchase, primarily for squats, deadlifts and two-handed swings. Still using 16 kg and lighter for most of my one-handed moves.
Jen said…
A new DVD soon--music to my ears! I love, love, love your Ultimate Body Sculpt & Conditioning DVD and was just thinking to myself the other day that I'd love to see a sequel. Then I came across this post and found out there is indeed going to be one!

Thanks for being such a fitness inspiration!
Lauren Brooks said…

I'm sorry you are dealing with the same type of symptoms. Things were much worse the first 6 weeks. I hope for your sake that things will become normal for you at least by your 6 weeks check up.

good luck!
Lauren Brooks said…
Hi Evelyn,

I am so glad you are still enjoying my first DVD. 8-)
Thanks so much!
Lauren Brooks said…
Hi Anita,

Thanks so much for your positive energy. I feel awful complaining at all, with all that my husband has gone through. So to me this is minor compared to the rest.

Tomorrow is his birthday so I plan on taking him and myself to a Reflexology place. Yay, relaxation!

That is awesome that your strength has increased so much! You go girl. At least you know you will always have the bells, so I would say it's a good investment. Keep up the great work and thanks again for all your kind words!
Lauren Brooks said…

Yes! I can't tell you how wonderful it is to hear your comments. You and the others are the entire reason why I am even making another one! I just hope you all enjoy this next one as much as the first. 8-)
Thank you thank you!!!!
Daniel Munday said…
The very small portion sizes as a way of combating IBS is an interesting one thank you Lauren.

I hadn't heard that.

I've got some clients with IBS and I think this may be a good little tip for them.

stephaniezamora said…
Hey, I hope you don't mind I found your blog and love it. You have such an adorable family.

Candida has been an issue for us as well. I take probiotics, grapefruit seed extract (acts like diflucan) and attempt (and fail) a low sugar diet. The grapefruit seed seems to be the most effective.

Hope you are well. Love the logo!
Anonymous said…
I can't wait for your new dvd either! Your first one is my all time favorite kettle bell dvd. I have another one I don't care for as much and an e-book I purchased; but when it comes down to choosing a kettle bell workout I choose your dvd every time.
Julie said…
Your first DVD and pregnancy DVD are the best! I used them all the time than other KB DVDs and I received wonderful compliments for my looks and health. Can't wait for next DVD soon! Thank you!
Lauren Brooks said…

Thanks so much! Congratulations on your new baby. He is adorable!!!

Sorry to hear that you have been dealing with that as well. I'm glad you found that grapefruit seed is working.

I hope you are adjusting well with the new baby. It's fun isn't it? And thanks, I love the logo too!! Your hub did a great job!
Lauren Brooks said…
Debbie and Julie,

I am so flattered that you both love my DVD's! I'm pleased that they are giving you the results you are looking for. I will keep you posted when my new one is released. it may be a couple months since I can be a perfectionist at times. 8-)

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