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Chloe is 4 months today! My postpartum update.

Here is Chloe at 4 months old. Things are going great! Nursing is going well, although I find when my weight falls under 115, my milk supply drops dramatically! It's strange that as long as I am between 115-117 I am able to keep up a healthy supply. I would love to be able to drop about 5 more pounds, but I will have to hold off until it's time to introduce solid foods to Chloe. Which will be 2 more months.

In the meantime I am really enjoying getting my strength back.  Yesterday I picked up a bell to do some snatches thinking it was the 16kg (35lb) and realized that I had by accidently snatched the 20kg (44 lb)! Successfully achieved it but definitely felt HEAVY!  Oh well, glad I can do it, but my joints are not ready for it for at least several more weeks.  8-)

My friend and client, Robin Duncan (in my first DVD), has really inspired me to try some hot yoga.  I have been meaning to give it a try after I was done with the pregnancy, but like everything I was too busy.  So I had to shift my schedule around. It's tough to get there but I have managed to do 2 weeks so far.  I have tried yoga in the past, but never hot yoga.  I have to say, it is the best compliment to kettlebell training I have ever found. I am already getting more flexible and my body feels fresh for every kettlebell workout I do. Each hot yoga class makes me feel like I am detoxing and washing out all the negative impurities in my mind and body.  Just thought I'd share my new addition to fitness. 

Core muscles are still not fully functioning from C-section but working on it with rehab exercises right now.

Here is a pic of me Four months postpartum.

 I'm off to my hot yoga class and really looking forward to it!!!

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Emma Ferraro said…
you look amazing! i always wonder why it is that somebody like you who has had two kids can manage to have such a perfect body while 17 year old me hasn't gotten there yet! i love kettlebells and hot yoga too and also find that im really sensitive to wheat so your blog is perfect for me and i love it! keep up the writing its inspirational and your kids are adorable!
Lauren Brooks said…

Thank you very much. My body is far from perfect. That is great that at 17 years old you are already aware of your body and intolerances. I wish I knew what I know now when I was 17. 8-) You are miles ahead of everyone else your age. Thank you again and keep up the good work and you will see it will all fall in to place.
Alice said…
For having a 4 months old baby, you are looking HOT! You know, I had the exact same thing as you describe, I weighed 125 before pregnancy, and while nursing, I have to stay at 127, otherwise, milk goes bye bye. It most likely is a body fat percentage thing, your body might not be able to sustain lactation without that fat storage. My baby is 9 months now and still breastfed!
Jason said…
Hello Lauren...I have not tried hot yoga but have taken some pilates classes in the past and loved them. Have you tried this form?
Lauren Brooks said…

Thank you. 8-) You are absolutely right. I have the rest of my life to get to a lower body fat. I just have to be patient right now so I can give my baby the best nutrition the world has to offer.

Congrats on your baby as well. I remember when Lyla was 9 months I didn't have to make as much milk because she was eating solids. So my body fat got VERY low. Hopefully you are finding the same thing and it's easier for you to have a lower body fat % now.
Lauren Brooks said…

I have only tried Pilates once and it was on a reformer. It was pretty intense actually. So far I'm enjoying yoga more, but I didn't give Pilates a chance.
KARYN said…
You look great! I have recently started your video and have lost 7 pounds so far :o) Love the blog, keep up the good work.
Lauren Brooks said…

That is wonderful that you have already lost 7 pounds!!

Thank you so much for sharing that and I appreciate your kind words!

Take care
shadoweloc said…
Good for you for still nursing! I am so glad that you put Chloe's health above what you want to weigh, and that you look great while doing it! You're truly an inspiration. I have always searched for someone who seeks a good balance between nursing her children, but pursuing hardcore fitness. It's a shame that I found you so long after my son weaned, but good for you for making it to at least 4 months.
Lauren Brooks said…

As you know breast feeding takes a LOT of work. Thank you so much! I nursed my other daughter for 13 months, so I might as well try and do the same with Chloe!

Balance is still a challenge, but I rather my baby have the best health possible then me be a couple pounds less. I know once she hits 6 months and she eats it will all change! Patience is a virtue. 8-) Thanks again for the compliments.

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