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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! little update on pregnancy

Just want to wish everyone a very happy New Year!  I know it's been quite awhile since I've posted anything on this blog.

I am currently almost 35 weeks pregnant and overall feeling good. Still teaching kettlebell classes but not demonstrating ALL the exercises anymore!  My belly is quite large so mentally I am done with this pregnancy. I am very anxious to meet this baby and of course have my body back to myself.  8-)  Not that I don't enjoy being up all night feeling her play football with my stomach, I feel as if I have been pregnant long enough.  

Ben has been in the emergency room twice this month with his unbearable stomach cramps and pain, so life is still challenging with him. He knows it's time to get on an extremely strict diet, since all the specialists we have seen haven't been able to prevent this. We are currently in phase 1 of his "detox type diet"  More info to come on that.  This will be a challenge for him and me, but in the long run, will hopefully keep him out of the hospital. We've been battling with this for almost 4 years and his body has had enough and so have I!!!!!

On a happy note my little girl Lyla is turning 2 years old this month!! It's crazy how she is almost Two. I remember a couple posts back writing how emotional I was that she was just turning 1.  She is more fun than ever. I think Lyla is starting to understand that there will be a baby coming in to this house soon. It will be quite a shock once she actually sees this change. I have to admit I am quite nervous.


Howie B said…
Happy New Year, Lauren!

Great to here the pregnancy has gone well. Exciting to hear that Lyla's got her bday coming up (me too!). And good luck with Ben and the detox, that ain't no fun.

I hope 2009 turns out to be a healthy and happy year for you guys!
Anonymous said…
Hi Lauren,
Not sure if you would remember me because I haven't commented in a while but I am a faithful reader here. It is great to see the update. Best of luck for the end of your pregnancy and the delivery! I got your DVD as a Christmas present to myself and love it. I normally do freestyle kettlebell workouts but I like being told what to do now and then. Nice work!
Lauren Brooks said…

Thanks so much. Happy New Year and I hope this is a great year for you. When is your birthday! Happy Birthday to you as well!
Lauren Brooks said…

That's wonderful that you got the DVD for Christmas and even better love it! 8-) It does help getting told what to do with working out sometimes. I even I like it from time to time. Sometimes it's nice to shut off the ole mind and just workout hard without having to think about what's next.

Thanks for all the good luck about the pregnancy. I will need it. 8-)
workout mommy said…
Happy New Year Lauren! I'm glad to see an update and hear that things are going well with you and your pregnancy. I hope Ben feels better with this new diet and birthday wishes for your little cutie.
Keep us posted on baby #2! :)
Anonymous said…
Hey Lauren! Glad to see you're doing well -
Franz Snideman said…
Happy New Year Lauren, sounds like baby is fully baked and ready!

Your Lyla is turning! Crazy, huh?

Marianna just turned one....what a blast it has been!

Yoana, Marianna and I look forward to meeting the new addition!!!!
Lauren Brooks said…
Workout Mommy,

I will definitely keep you posted with baby #2. Not too much longer now. 8-) I'll get some final pregnancy pictures up very soon. Wow I'm HUGE!!!
Lauren Brooks said…

Thank you! I hope you are doing well also. I will be back in the loop of things once I get settled in with baby #2.
Lauren Brooks said…

I know! I remember when I was bringing Lyla to Revolution fitness when she was 2 months old! We are sorry we missed Marianna's bday party. I'm sure it was fun. Looking forward to seeing more pictures

You will meet the new addition soon enough. 8-)
Anonymous said…
Lauren, you and Ben should check out Very good information about toxins in food, etc., and how to get them out of your body.
Becks said…
Hi love~ I am so excited for Lyla's sister to join the Miller clan. Still bummed we didn't get to see each other over Christmas...we will be home in March and we'll have to meet the little bundle and see you guys. Miss you!!! I am excited to see pics of you in the final stretch ;)
Lauren Brooks said…

I was sad that we didn't get a chance to meet up. It was so hectic with all the illness happening. I will take some pics this week and get them up. In my 37th week now so any day. Miss you too and look forward to seeing you when you come out here in March.


Coach Cj Swaby said…
Hi Lauren,

I have been through numerous pregnancies (none of my own though). As a Kettlebell Coach a question I'm often asked is do Kettlebells and Pregnancy mix? You have shown that within safe parameters and by listening to your body that they can. You are doing the kettlebell and fitness community a great service - good job!

Best wishes to you and the family

I wrote and entry in my blog about it

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