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Does the FDA give a crap about our health??

The answer is no! Money is really what drives the decisions of the FDA. It's such a shame because who do we trust if we can't trust the FDA? If you have not heard, the FDA feels that meat and milk are safe from CLONED animals. I am not a vegetarian by any means, but if this is hidden from the population, I will be forced to be a vegan. This problem could hurt our kids more than anything. Since this is the cheaper way, restaurants probably wont need to put this on the menu either. Another reason why you need to be even more careful with going out to eat. America is making it harder and harder for the population to eat clean, pure and healthy foods.

If you click below you can sign a very fast petition to allow the consumers to know if the meat is cloned or not. This will effect everyone. Thank you in advanced for supporting the health of ourselves and children.

Does anyone else feel as strongly about this as I do?  Or could I be over reacting?


Anonymous said…
I completely agree with you -- the FDA does not care about Americans' health.

If you research vegetarian and vegan diets, you'll find out some information that you had no idea existed (or at least I didn't): cows being inseminated on "rape racks"; cows being impregnated so often they develop mastitis (disease of the udder), which requires antibiotics, which we then drink in our milk; the USDA actually pays for ads to support the meat and dairy industries that they're supposed to oversee; that animal protein can trigger cancer.

Yeah, there's a lot the average American doesn't know.

I'm grateful that I am vegan -- and only wish I would have done it sooner.
Lisa said…

You sound about as outraged as I am regarding this issue. Especially your comment about our children.

This is so scary to me. I already buy hormone/antibiotic free milk and meats for my kids. And now I have to worry about whether or not the meat is cloned???

Thanks for the link. I'm going to pass it on as well. We have to stand up and let the FDA know this is not ok with us.

Lauren Brooks said…

Wow! That is unbelievable. I may have to think twice next time I eat meat. I do, however, make an effort to eat free range organic. Even grass fed if I'm lucky enough to find that. Thanks for the great comment!
Lauren Brooks said…

Yes I'm very outraged. I have always been disgusted with FDA's standards of what is healthy for America. The FDA way is also what is being taught to our Registered Dietitians. They go by the Food Guide Pyramid which is clearly the way to be unhealthy and obese.

Thanks for getting the word out!
Anonymous said…
I agree with you and signed that petition right away. I can't believe thats what the world is coming to, where making a dollar is more important than people's health.

So disappointing.
And thank you for bringing this is our attention.
Lauren Brooks said…

Thank you for signing the petition. Seeing this is just an example of what the FDA chooses to hide from us. They are driven by money. Another issue is the Soy industry. There are so many dangers of soy. But since its a multi-billion dollar industry they are paid to talk about the wonderful benefits. When clearly studies are showing the horrible effects soy can have such as cancer, infertility, thryoid diseases, and so much more!
Franz Snideman said…
This is frickin scary! I think this is just the beginning of many worse things to come in the food industry (sorry to sound so negative, but it's true). I mean how far have we gone away from real food that God intended for us to eat? Very far!

We can never rely on the government to protect our health and watch out for the interest of our children. That is our job! We need to take a stand and take action by educating people about this growing trend. The same thing is happening with genetically engineered food and crops! SCARY!

Thanks for sharing Lauren!
Charlie said…
Hey Lauren,

Go vegan!! I am a vegan kettlebeller and I love it!

It's all about lentils!
Lauren Brooks said…

You aren't being negative at all! You are being a REALIST! There is already so many horrible "secret" ingredients that our children and the average American consume. You are right that it's fricken SCARY.

Our crops have barely the nutritional content it's suppose to these days. That is why we are forced to have supplementation. And even 99% of our supplement market is synthetic chemicals and crap. Which I know you are aware of. We may sound crazy to the public but we know way too much!
Lauren Brooks said…

I commend you for being able to be a vegan. I know our fellow friend Mike Mahler is a vegan as well. I may end up becoming Vegan not by choice. I do enjoy my meat. But for now I will do my best with finding the free range organic healthy meats while they still exist. But I'm sure in the future meat will be so tainted that we will be living off of supplements and engineered protein powders.
Anonymous said…
Hi !
Great Posts ! Beside my Kettlebell- & Conditiontraining my family and me follow the vegan lifestyle since many years and we all just benefit of it. The most important fact is health for my children. For example I don´t even remember that my daughter (8) was ever realy thick. So I realy encourage you to try the vegan lifestyle. Also for our childrens sake because they´ll face a much worst future concerning nutrition.
Anonymous said…
Lauren, regarding the FDA and our food supply and with respect to your husband and his health problems, you might want to check out This guy believes that most of the diseases and health problems are caused by poisons and mycotoxins in our food supply. There was an article published, I can't remember what year, but it said that corn is universally contaminated with mycotoxins. That means every time we eat corn, we are eating poisons. The grain supply is most of the time contaminated as well. He has a phase one diet to eliminate health problems, etc., and treats with anti-fungals, totally natural, such as olive leaf extract, garlic, etc., from

Just for your information.

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